3 Reasons Taking a Student Success Class Will Make You More Successful in College

3 Reasons Taking a Student Success Class Will Make You More Successful in College

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By Marty Chester, M.S.Ed. Student Success courses focus on making the transition from high school to college. Inside Higher Ed defines student success courses as “Courses on how to learn and manage college life.” Success courses cover a variety of topics, including how to navigate the academic and social college environment, how to manage time and study, as well as how to know who does what on campus. Research indicates students who complete Student Success courses more often complete additional coursework, are more involved on their campuses, and finish their degrees at a higher rate. With that kind of return on investment, College Success might be the most important course you take to help you reach your higher ed goals on your terms. How does one class do all that? Read on…

1-Develop Strong Life Skills

In one of the biggest lessons, you’ll be introduced to important people on campus and learn their roles. These are people who can answer your questions about financial aid, course registration, career opportunities, and so much more. You’ll also connect with your instructor who can be your first point of contact for any issues or questions. Second, you’ll learn about yourself. Are you a procrastinator, do you need to boost your study skills, or maybe immerse yourself in new technology? A good student success course will show you where you need to improve and give you tools to do so, like tutors and mentors. And finally, you’ll start developing a network of peers within your class, form friendships, and surround yourself with others who want to succeed. Important note: some colleges and universities offer Student Success courses where you’ll be grouped by major so they can address specific questions related to curriculum and scheduling, and introduce you to faculty and other students with similar interests.

2-Perform Better at School & On the Job

How do these skills translate to real life, including tough college courses and in your career? So glad you asked!

  • Learning your environment, who does what, and how everything works together is important. Being able to connect the dots, from peers to those in leadership roles, is an invaluable networking skillset in college and beyond.
  • Time management skills, knowing how to best budget your time and set priorities, will take you far. These skills translate from the college experience to the work world, where you’ll have more to juggle.
  • Stress management skills taught in Student Success courses have real-world applications. When you feel overwhelmed, learning how prioritize tasks and time, while managing stress in healthy ways will pay off.
  • Learning good written and verbal communication skills and knowing how and when to communicate appropriately with other students, professors, and administration is a valuable skill to carry into the job market.

3-Save Money on Your Degree

If students who successfully complete a Student Success course are more likely to do well in college, this course can save time and money toward your degree. You’re less likely to need to repeat coursework based on failing grades or need to withdraw from class due to issues solved by time management, communication, stress, or academic issues.

The Benefits of Studying Student Success

If learning the skills needed to do well in college like time management, communication, networking, and stress management sounds helpful, you can give yourself a firm foundation to build your college degree and career on by taking full advantage of Student Success courses. Ready for your student success? Check out StraighterLine’s online Student Success course now!

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