StraighterLine Case Study: Increasing Graduation Rates

StraighterLine Case Study: Increasing Graduation Rates

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For many colleges and universities, increasing graduation rates–and student persistence–is goal number one. By working with StraighterLine, your school can deliver an online pathway program that prepares students for your degree programs, graduation, and long term success. Here’s how one large, private university with both a substantial online footprint and brick-and mortar locations partnered with StraighterLine to deliver a solution designed for non-traditional students that helped increase graduation rates and bridge back stopped-out students.


Our partner school is a large, private university with both a substantial online footprint and brick-and mortar locations. Many of the school’s students are non-traditional students who must navigate work, family, finance, health, and other obligations in order to succeed. These at-risk students face unexpected life interruptions that can often lead to drop out. The university was looking for a way to assist these at-risk students and improve their graduation rates. They also wanted to bridge stopped-out students back into their degree programs.


The university partnered with StraighterLine to offer a “Refer & Return” program where at-risk students can earn credit in an online format conducive to overcoming their challenges. Our low-cost, low-risk, student-paced coursework allowed the students to start immediately with no up-front costs, move at their own pace, spend less, pay-as-they-go, and transfer relevant credit back to the university.


The program has been a recipe for success for the school’s students. Students using the StraighterLine program graduate at more than twice the rate (80%) of a community college pathway (39%). Our Academy program helps institutions increase graduation rates through our student-focused services, including:

  • One-on-one academic support
  • Behavior-triggered nudges prompt students to take action and complete courses
  • Learning resources are available to promote effective study methods and perseverance
  • Proactive identification of at-risk students
  • 7 days a week phone, live chat, and support ticket management
  • On-demand tutoring and coaching sessions

We can help you increase persistence of students by helping your institution to:

  • Validate prospective students’ academic readiness so schools can accept students from a broader spectrum without risking success rates
  • Engage stopped-out students - bridge back to your degree program
  • Provide a low cost option for students with affordability concerns or financial aid caps
  • Address scheduling or availability issues

Through Academy and our pathway programs, StraighterLine has helped more than 35,000 students in the last 12 months from diverse backgrounds meet a variety of higher ed goals. We invite you to learn more about us and our online courses and services. Let us help your school create and operate - with no upfront or ongoing costs - an online pathway program that can help you increase student persistence and graduation rates.

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