Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Partners with StraighterLine to Serve Students Seeking Job-Oriented Technical Education

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Partners with StraighterLine to Serve Students Seeking Job-Oriented Technical Education

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BALTIMORE, MD – StraighterLine announced today that Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has joined their rapidly expanding network of partner colleges, which now includes America’s best online colleges and universities, and will accept StraighterLine’s general education courses for credit. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology’s pragmatic approach to job-oriented learning offers a curriculum that meets industry needs, producing high-skilled technicians with a high rate of graduation (twice the national average) and gainful employment. Based in Boston, they offer both Associate and Bachelor degree programs guided by Benjamin Franklin’s belief that “good apprentices would become good citizens.” BFIT is the only college in Massachusetts that offers an Associate degree in Electrical Technology, as well as the only college in the state to offer Bachelor Degrees in Health Information Technology and Automotive Management. Their flagship automotive program, the oldest in the country, has recently undergone a $1 million renovation and now includes a unique alternative fuels lab. BFIT and StraighterLine are both focused on serving socioeconomically, ethnically, academically and geographically diverse career-focused students. From different countries, states, and cities, BFIT students are bound by a common desire to obtain a quality technical education that will lead to a job after graduation. The partnership with StraighterLine offers students planning to attend BFIT the opportunity to get a quality education online, conveniently, at a substantially lower cost than most traditional degree programs. Students can take general education courses through StraighterLine and transfer the courses to their degree with BFIT. With StraighterLine’s self-paced online courses, students can move through the material as quickly or slowly as they like. StraighterLine helps career-focused students get a quality education online, flexibly, conveniently and affordably. This year, over 20,000 students will choose from more than 50 courses and more than 100 ways to earn college credit in Business, Technology, Sciences, Humanities, English, Math, and Language. StraighterLine’s customized degree plans show students how they can get their dream degrees at America’s best online colleges on the road to careers in today’s fastest growing, most desirable fields, including Engineering, Healthcare, Education/Teaching, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Nursing and Business. Dean of Student Services, Mike Bosco, says “Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) is pleased to be partnering with StraighterLine to offer prospective students the opportunity to earn college credits prior to matriculation at BFIT. Our “built-to-graduate” institutional framework is designed to support our students in earning a college credential at three times the rate of other two-year colleges in Massachusetts. By earning advanced standing credits through this partnership, students will be well prepared for their path to graduation.” “StraighterLine is pleased to be working with BFIT to reduce the cost of college for Massachusetts, indeed New England, students." says Burck Smith, CEO and founder of StraighterLine.   About Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (est. 1908) is one of New England's oldest colleges of engineering and industrial technologies, started with a bequest from Benjamin Franklin and a gift from Andrew Carnegie. Our goal is to create a career path by developing a learning environment, through industry partnerships, shared resources, and effective classroom and laboratory practices, which sets the standard for a job-oriented technical education, at both the associate and bachelor degree level. The College attracts a diverse student body, racially, ethnically and economically. Because our student body has unique needs, we offer a "hi-tech, high-touch" approach, caring for each student as a whole, as we create the personalized learning environment which every student needs. Because of our emphasis on student success, we provide comprehensive academic and financial support to our students, leading to a high rate of graduation and gainful employment thereafter. For more information, please visit About StraighterLine StraighterLine’s mission is to help students reach their full potential by putting them on a straighter line towards the degree of their choice, the career of their dreams, and the life they've always wanted – on their budget and on their schedule. StraighterLine has been recognized as an innovator in higher education by major news organizations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It has forged partnerships with more than 50 leading accredited online colleges and universities, where students ultimately earn their degrees after taking StraighterLine courses, lowering their cost of college and reducing their student debt. In addition to StraighterLine’s partner schools, more than 400 other schools are reported to have accepted StraighterLine coursework for transfer credit.   For information, visit or call 1-877-str8erline (1-877-787-8375).

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