4 Reasons to Study Cultural Anthropology

4 Reasons to Study Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology is the study of the way that human beings behave in different countries and cultures.

Why Study Cultural Anthropology?

That might sound somewhat dry, but it is actually one of the more interesting subjects that you can imagine, once you enroll in a college class.

Cultural Insight

You’ll gain really interesting insights about how and why people behave so differently in different cultures. Better yet, the knowledge you gain has very practical applications in business and other fields today. That’s why a degree in cultural anthropology can help you get a job with a company that does business in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, or elsewhere. The knowledge you gain could help you understand lots of other things too, such as . . . 

Improved Relationships

You could better understand your family. One example? Perhaps your spouse's family comes from a country in which it is expected that her mother will take a big role in raising your children. If you come from a culture where that is not expected, conflicting expectations can cause frictions unless you can explain and understand them from a cultural perspective.

Better Workplace Environment

You can understand the company where you work. We work in a time when it is common to work with people who come from cultures that are different from our own, or even work for companies that are owned by foreign corporations. If you’re aware of the cultural expectations and norms that surround you, you will better understand what is expected of you and how to better “fit in” and succeed.

Greater Success on the Job

Your knowledge can help you achieve greater success with customers and clients from other countries and cultures. The sensitivity that you gain by studying Cultural Anthropology can prepare you for greater success.

Study Cultural Anthropology at StraighterLine

So you see, there are some pretty compelling reasons why taking a course in Cultural Anthropology can increase your chances of success today.

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