3 Reasons Taking Developmental Writing Will Make Your More Successful

3 Reasons Taking Developmental Writing Will Make Your More Successful

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By Marty Chester, M.S.Ed. GradeBee’s describes Developmental Writing as “a skill where one brings different thoughts together in a readable form. It is a skill that is not only important to students but also to the entire population.” College requires students to write (a lot) so taking a course to build these skills is one of the most important classes you’ll take. Because mastery of the written word is expected across career fields, learning as much as you can in college will help set you apart when you enter your chosen career. Read more for 3 reasons to take Developmental Writing

1 - Develop Strong Communication Skills

Developmental Writing is more than grammar and punctuation. According to StraighterLine’s course description, “Developmental Writing examines the fundamental process, theories, and methods that enhance a student's overall writing ability, and introduces strategies for writing within multiple disciplines and professions.” In other words, you’ll learn to express your thoughts and ideas in writing so others can easily understand, no matter the subject. This comes in handy in all your college courses and career. Specifically, careers in business, social science, and science/medical fields need to be able to write clear and concise reports and communications to peers, subordinates, and consumers.

2 - Perform Better at School & On the Job

Good writing is essential to earning good grades in college and helping you meet career goals. Consider the following:

  • Writing boosts communication and critical thinking skills. You want to be able to organize your thoughts, ideas, and information in a way that makes sense. Learning how to research, organize, and share your work is vital in both the classroom the workplace.
  • Solid writing shares great ideas. Learning to research and express an idea so others understand is a skill that transcends the college classroom. Clarity in writing can persuade others to work with you and endorse your ideas, something valuable for your resume.
  • You can’t escape the written word. Even artists working in visual mediums need to send an email or explain their ideas. Your writing is part of the image you put out to possible employers and clients, so your words need to be as smart as your other tangible work.

3 - Save Money on Your Degree

College writing is different from high school writing and learning how to communicate well through writing will help you save money on your degree. College courses require you to write academic papers, defend ideas in writing, and give persuasive written arguments to support your position. The amount of writing in college may feel overwhelming, which makes learning the basics even more important. Having to retake courses you have failed or withdrawn from because the writing frustrates you can cost both time and money. Don’t let poor writing be the reason you pay more. Do  we have your attention? So, what exactly happens in a Developmental Writing Course? Learn more here!

The Benefits of Studying Developmental Writing

College prep courses are generally all about improving your skills, and Developmental Writing is one of the most important courses you can take to be successful in college and beyond. Learning how to research and write in a clear, concise, and meaningful way will make your college journey more fulfilling and serve you well as you establish your career. Are you ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial today! (No Credit Card is Required)

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