More Than 90% of Students Would Recommend StraighterLine, Survey Finds

More Than 90% of Students Would Recommend StraighterLine, Survey Finds
Beth Dumbauld

Education is still the key to success and higher earnings, according to recent data. But, for millions of Americans, the path to college graduation is anything but straightforward. Just 58% of students who started college in the fall of 2012 had earned a degree six years later, says the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. In addition to rising tuition costs, students cite juggling jobs and external commitments, unknowingly failing to earn enough credits, and getting stuck in remedial courses as reasons they will not graduate on time.

What if there were a way to overcome these hurdles and put students back on track toward meeting their educational goals? At StraighterLine — a college readiness and student success company — college applicants, students, and universities have discovered a valuable partner in efforts to better prepare and retain students..

A recent survey of 2,425 StraighterLine customers, administered by an independent educational consulting firm, found that 91% of students who took courses in 2018 would recommend StraighterLine to a friend, family member, or coworker.

The survey shows that StraighterLine has served as a trusted resource in helping pre-college, at-risk, and stopped-out students enroll in and graduate from institutions of higher learning.

A Faster, More Affordable Path to Graduation  

With more than 60 low-cost, self-paced general education courses to choose from, StraighterLine has helped more than 100,000 students from diverse backgrounds meet a variety of higher ed goals. The fully-online courses start at just $59, with a $99 monthly membership, allowing students to learn at their own pace, without spiraling into more debt.

So, why are students turning to StraighterLine? Here is what our survey found:

  • Seeking Admission: 44% of enrollees said they took a StraighterLine course or courses in order to meet necessary prerequisites for their target school.
  • Accelerating Their Degree: 23% of students enrolled in order to accelerate their education. With StraighterLine, they could enroll in a course that was more convenient for their schedule, decrease the overall time it would take them to graduate, or take a course during summer break.
  • Crossing the Finish Line: Finally, 18% of students used StraighterLine specifically to earn the final credits they would need to successfully graduate from their degree program on time.

Once a student chooses to jumpstart, accelerate, or cross the finish line of his or her educational career, the reasons for choosing StraighterLine are clear. Here are a few of the top benefits of the StraighterLine experience, according to our customers:

  • Overall Cost: 75% of students surveyed rated “cost” as “extremely important” in their decision to choose StraighterLine. And 84% of students who were concurrently enrolled in college said they were satisfied with how StraighterLine courses impacted the cost of earning their degree.
  • Speed: 90% of students reported being satisfied with how StraighterLine courses impacted the rate at which they earned their degree.
  • Flexibility: 81% of students rated “schedule flexibility” as “extremely important” in their decision to take a StraighterLine course.

Transferable Credits, on Students’ Terms

 Cost, speed, and flexibility are all critical reasons why StraighterLine is a great option for many types of learners. But the number one most important reason students report choosing StraighterLine is the credit transfer pathway to their degree institution — with more than 95% of responders rating it as a “very important” or “extremely important” factor. In fact, 97% students surveyed who attempted to receive credit for a StraighterLine course were successful.

StraighterLine has direct articulation agreements with more than 130 partner colleges. When students enroll at one of these colleges, we guarantee they will receive full course credit for StraighterLine courses within their degree plan.

Hundreds of colleges and universities also accept StraighterLine courses for credit as the result of a review and recommendation by the American Council on Education (ACE). In order for ACE to recommend a course for college credit, the course must undergo a rigorous, independent, third-party review process. After a course is reviewed and approved by ACE, the credit transfer process is seamless.

Considering that so many students have significant challengers when transferring credits from one institution to another — which sometimes forces them to re-do courses, delay graduation, and lose thousands of dollars — streamlined credit transfer processes are critical to student success.

Trusted by Colleges

We know that StraighterLine puts students on the right track toward reaching their goals, but you don’t have to take our word for it — our services are trusted and respected by colleges and universities throughout the country.

More than half (56%) of students surveyed were referred to StraighterLine directly from a representative from an academic institution. Of those respondents, the majority heard about StraighterLine from an academic advisor (48%) and an enrollment or admissions counselor (42%).

Since its founding in 2009, StraighterLine has helped more than 100,000 students reach their educational goals by putting them on a straighter line toward the degree of their choice. Results from this 2018 survey show that StraighterLine is a trusted, affordable and flexible tool for students that is trusted and relied on by colleges and universities.

StraighterLine worked with Hezel Associates to create a questionnaire for the Students Perception Survey, adapting elements from the previous studies in 2010 and 2012. This questionnaire was administered to StraighterLine customers in November and December of 2018, with over 2,425 students from the last six years choosing to participate and share their feedback.

StraighterLine is a student success and college readiness company that delivers affordable online courses. To learn how to partner with us, visit:


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