Business Statistics

You’ll get hands-on experience performing statistical analysis of samples and computing the measures of locations and dispersion. More importantly, you will study how to interpret the results for descriptive statistics as well as how to build statistical models. And because StraighterLine’s Business Statistics course is self-paced, you can complete your coursework as quickly as you need to, which can be important in today’s fast paced business world.

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  1. Business Statistics from McGraw-Hill


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  2. 3Credits

    Business Statistics from McGraw-Hill

    with Prof. Daniel Gryboski - MS, University of Colorado


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  3. 3Credits

    Business Statistics with eTextbook from McGraw-Hill


    • MAT150 eTextbook (a $101.83 value)
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* A 3-credit StraighterLine course is estimated to require approximately 75 hours of study time. Dedicating 17-20 hours per week should allow a student to finish within a single month subscription. That estimate is not guaranteed, and individual experience may differ. Prices do not include books.