StraighterLine Proctoring

Scheduling a Proctoring Session

To schedule proctoring, please follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Click the appropriate course card within your MyLine Dashboard
  2. Click "Schedule Proctoring," making sure your Pop-Up Blocker is turned off
    Proctoring location on back of course card
  3. If prompted, please complete your User Profile
  4. Once your User Profile is complete, you will be routed to the Scheduling Portal
  5. Click “Schedule Now” and select an exam date and starting time.
  6. Click “Add Reservation”

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you schedule your proctoring session. If you wish to test your webcam prior to your session, please click here to access ProctorU's webcam test.

The cost of proctoring is included in your course fee. Please note that while proctoring is available 24/7, we urge all student to schedule at least 72 hours in advance in order to avoid ProctorU's Rush Fees (exams scheduled within the 72 hour window are subject to a $5 fee, while those scheduled for the same day may be subject to an $8.75 fee).

Several composition and lab courses, such as English Composition I and Introduction to Biology Lab, don't have a final exam, so there's no need for proctoring. To ensure academic integrity, written work for such courses is subject to review via plagiarism detection software and other protocols.

Why do we require proctoring?

Proctoring is an important marker for online academic integrity and credibility. Just as technology makes it possible for you to learn from the comfort of your home, it also allows you take your exams there too. This means you don’t have to go to a classroom so that someone can monitor your test-taking. You can take your exams at home or anywhere you have access to a webcam with a microphone and a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

StraighterLine has required proctoring on final exams for all courses purchased on or after November 1, 2012.