Wouldn't it be great if you could get college credit for the things you already know? With StraighterLine's help, you can. While you might already be familiar with credit-bearing exams like AP tests, CLEP exams, or tests from Excelsior, StraighterLine also gives you the option of taking a PLA—short for "Prior Learning Assessment"—that lets you earn college credit for life experiences learned on the job or in the military.

In most cases, you'll still need to study to make sure you pass. But when you're ready, you can just take a single exam through StraighterLine instead of taking an entire course—and if you score well, you'll earn credit on your transcript and move one step closer to earning your degree.

Other testing options include CLA and ETS assessments, which won't earn you college credit but will show potential employers how strong your critical thinking, problem-solving, and reading skills are—and help set you apart from job-seekers who haven't taken them.

  • AP

    The Advanced Placement (AP) is a program created by the College Board offering college-level curriculum and examinations to high school students. Colleges often grant placement and credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations. The AP curriculum for the various subjects is created for the College Board by a panel of experts and college-level educators in each subject.
  • CLA

    The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) – a problem-based assessment developed by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE) and offered in cooperation with StraighterLine – is designed to test your analytic reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication skills. These very skills are high among those that employers require of recent college graduates and new employees.

    The CLA+ is a smart way for you to show potential employers how strong your problem solving and writing skills are. Just think of it as written proof that you've got what it takes to succeed.

  • CLEP

    Developed by the College Board, the people behind AP and SAT, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways — through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work. CLEP exam-takers include adults just entering or returning to school, military service members and traditional college students.
  • ETS

    In cooperation with StraighterLine, ETS—a global leader in testing and assessment known for their TOEFL®, GRE® and Praxis assessments—offers you secure electronic access to the iSkills™ and ETS® Proficiency Profile assessments.

    The iSkills assessment measures the ability to think critically in a digital environment through a range of real-world, real-time tasks — so you can demonstrate that you have the 21st-century skills you need to succeed.

    The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses your critical thinking and mastery of college-level reading, writing and mathematical concepts – in a single, convenient test.

    Together, the iSkills™ and ETS® Proficiency Profile assessments will test the strength of the skills that are essential for success in college and beyond to help you stand out from the crowd in college and your career.

  • Excelsior

    Offered through Excelsior College in cooperation with StraighterLine, UExcel uses the concept of credit-by-examination (CBE) to help you graduate sooner—and save money in the process. Instead of taking a full-length college course that could include lectures, labs, and multiple exams, you simply study for and take an Excelsior test to earn credit on your college transcript. Some students have actually earned associate's or bachelor's degrees just by taking UExcel exams.

    What You Get with UExcel

    When you buy UExcel, you get more than just a test—you get an entire study program, which you’ll need because the UExcel exams aren't easy. In fact, it takes weeks to prepare for UExcel, although each test itself is only 120-180 minutes long.

    Students have been taking UExcel for over 40 years, and more than 2,000 colleges and universities accept UExcel for credit. And unlike CLEP and DSST tests, your UExcel score comes from a regionally accredited college: Excelsior College.

    Credits may transfer to more than 1,800 colleges that participate in ACE CREDIT or any college that chooses to accept them.
  • PLA

    Colleges and universities around the world use the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process to evaluate what you've learned outside the classroom for the purpose of assigning academic credit. PLA allows you to translate the real-world knowledge you've gained through work experience, corporate or military training, civic activity, independent study, and even hobbies into actual college credit that counts.

    You’ve gained skills and knowledge in your life and on the job. But did you know that you could earn college credit for the things you already know? The first step is demonstrating that the knowledge you have is “college level.” StraighterLine’s partners can help you evaluate the level of your learning through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and give you the courses and tools you need to translate your real-world experiences into real college credit.