Have My Old College Credits Expired?

Barry Lenson

Have My Old College Credits Expired?If you’re thinking about going back to college, chances are that you earned credit for college courses you took years ago. So you’re probably wondering whether those credits have expired, or whether you can save money and time by transferring them to your new college.

That’s a very good question but unfortunately, there are few standard policies or procedures that apply to transferring old credits to a new school. The key is to speak with someone in admissions or the registrar’s office there. Will they accept all your credits, some of your credits, or none?

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Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, certain rules generally apply regarding which college credits are acceptable and which are not. Here are some of those answers, which are offered in a post entitled “Do College Credits Expire” on the College Degree Complete! Blog . . .

  • Most schools will grant you credit for general education (core curriculum) courses that you took – even if you took them years ago.
  • It is harder to get credit for science courses, because the content of science courses changes regularly.
  • Some schools may accept credit for specialized courses that you took a long time ago, but may only accept those credits as general elective courses that cannot be applied to the requirements for your major.
  • Colleges might require you to take exams or undergo other evaluations before they accept your credits.

Be Prepared!

It’s best to obtain full transcripts for all your prior coursework before you speak with anyone at your new college. As much as administrators like to be helpful, their time is limited. If you show up with all your paperwork and documentation in order, they’ll appreciate your efforts.

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