32 Benefits of Online Learning

Barry Lenson

benefits of online classesAs a reader of this blog, you already know tons of reasons why it makes so much sense to learn online. You can study anywhere, from Trenton to Uzbekistan. You can work a job during the day and earn a college degree at night. You can start college or earn a degree while you’re in the military. If you enroll in StraighterLine, you can slash the cost of college dramatically, even complete a year of college courses for $1,000 or less.

But here are some secret benefits of online learning that you might not have thought about . . .

  1. You’ll never be late to class again
  2. Nobody will care if you’re having a bad hair day
  3. You will save a ton of money on gas
  4. You won’t have to sit in traffic on the way to school
  5. You can get up and walk around any time you want without a professor scowling at you
  6. You’ll never be around attractive members of the opposite sex again – no more being distracted in class, getting into traffic accidents while driving across campus, etc.
  7. You’ll never get a parking ticket on campus or get your car towed
  8. Nobody will ever spike your drink
  9. Go ahead and scratch yourself anyplace you want – nobody’s looking
  10. You can take a day off anytime you want
  11. Go ahead and crack a beer (or any other beverage) while you’re studying
  12. No meal plans or hideous cafeteria food
  13. You can have a private toga party whenever you want
  14. No more foul-smelling, sex-addicted, snoring roommate
  15. You’ll never need an excuse to get a new computer
  16. No more raising your hand and giving the wrong answer
  17. No need to learn to tap a keg of beer
  18. You can go to class naked
  19. You’ll be safe from campus violence
  20. You can go to any football game you want and root for any team you want
  21. You can save a fortune by avoiding the latest campus fashions
  22. You can roll out of bed and go straight to class
  23. You can position yourself as a 'greenie' by saying that distance learning is good for the environment
  24. No real need to turn off your cell phone in class
  25. If you don’t know a word, a concept, or anything else, you can look it up without embarrassment
  26. You’ll fit right in no matter your age
  27. You can take tests when you want to – an extra day to study is no problem
  28. “I go to college online” is a great ice-breaker or pickup line
  29. Your aunts and uncles will be proud of you for the first time
  30. The really really cool kids won’t make you feel like a dweeb
  31. There’s no point making spitballs, unless you want to
  32. If you fall asleep in class, nobody will know

And perhaps the greatest benefit of all . . .

You get to do college your own way, in your own time, cut through the crap, save a bundle - and get to the learning. That could be the main reason why distance learning courses beat life on campus, hands down.

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