You Could Be Required to Take Courses Elsewhere

Secret #3 You Could Be Required to Take Courses Elsewhere

Once upon a time, college freshmen could arrive on campus with writing or math skills that were below admissions standards and the college offered courses to help them improve. But in an effort to cut costs, colleges have begun requiring freshmen to take preparatory courses before they move their trunks into the dorm.

One example: According to a recent post on Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Ticker Blog, Cal State will soon require students with deficiencies in math and English to take part in its Early Start program. Quoting The Ticker, “California State University will require academically deficient students to take remedial mathematics and English classes before starting their freshman year, the San Jose Mercury News reported today. The policy, which will take effect in 2012, aims to reduce the amount of time students spend on noncredit remedial work once they arrive at college, a process that often lengthens their undergraduate years. Roughly 60 percent of Cal State’s new freshmen are judged deficient in English, math, or both.”

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