Working While Going to College: It Can Be Done Part 2

Working Students and Flexibility

Perhaps the biggest issue for a working student is time. Many work schedules are inflexible. Many traditional college schedules are inflexible. Trying to match these two inflexible schedules together can be an exercise in frustration. Online school schedules, by their very nature, however, are more fluid. Of the many college options, online institutions can offer the highest degree of flexibility. You can take online college courses when it is convenient to your schedule and you don’t have to worry about losing time traveling to and from campus.

If you do choose to take courses online, you are not alone. In 2008, about 20% of all undergraduates took at least one distance learning course and 4% of all undergraduates took their entire program through distance education.9 Online education has entered the mainstream and is expected to continue growing within the college population.

College Works

You can earn your college degree even if you work. You aren’t alone in this -- most college students work. As we mentioned, almost 25% work full-time, and over 78% of undergrads work to some extent. Many colleges, particularly online institutions, can accommodate the high level of flexibility a multi-tasking student needs. Just take those first steps, sign up for a college course -- and see how it feels to pursue your dreams in earnest.

9 U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Fast Facts, 2011

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