StraighterLine is providing an invaluable service, especially with the high cost of college. It is not necessary today to spend thousands of dollars on a single course.

John Walsh - Delmar, NY

At StraighterLine, the teacher did not play games, but taught the concept and later asked students to demonstrate their knowledge of it on the test. It was math, as math should be taught.

John Walsh - Delmar, NY

I liked the idea of taking a math course to better my education on my own time.

Patrick Maff - Mechanicsburg, PA

The biggest advantage of the course was the ability to do it at my own pace. Work was out of control the last several months, and I was working 14-16 hour days. I would not have been able to complete the course in a traditional 12-15 week course format.

Terry Caruccio - New Freedom, PA

My course advisor has been fantastic and helped me every step of the way. He has always been available and has been a great support. He is a credit to the company.

Michael Collins - Atlanta, GA

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