I was working a job. I am the mother of a toddler. I have family responsibilities. My life is like that. Once I started taking courses, it turned out that I can do my coursework over my lunch breaks, on weekends, whenever time is available. I added the money up and discovered that StraighterLine cost me an average of about $50 per class.

Melissa Molina

In the end, that StraighterLine course cost me less than $200, and that included tuition, textbook, everything. I’d estimate that I saved more than $1,500 on just that one class. I have paid thousands more from other universities and wish I had heard about you all sooner. What an exceptional value.

Donnie Davis

At StraighterLine the classes are great. They are classes that you would take at any university or any college. It’s all online, and that’s actually a benefit for working moms.

Ebru Eren

StraighterLine is a simple solution to the economic issues we are facing with debt and college. I am happy to be an advocate for StraighterLine!

Margaret Robertson

StraighterLine offers a clearer path to success and it is easier to schedule… Now that I know how StraighterLine works, I recommend it to anyone going back to school.

Beverly Williams

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