I have recommended StraighterLine to other students. It is simply a better option. It was a great overall experience, and I will definitely use StraighterLine again.

Latoya S. Deon

After my StraighterLine experience, Strayer asked me to reach out to other students there to help them understand how StraighterLine could help them in their studies. I did! For me, StraighterLine was my savior for graduating in 2013!


Diana Stone

I earned 72 credits, which would have cost lots more at a community college, say... well, I estimate that I saved at least $18,000 by using StraighterLine to earn those credits. I paid for those courses out of pocket, so I took no loans.


Matthew Hines

It works!

Cassidy Coker

The StraighterLine courses are very convenient and the technical support is very good. I’m not exactly super-savvy with the technology, but StraighterLine support was very patient and walked me through any questions I had.

Jennifer Howe

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