Tear Down These Walls: The New Wave of Online Education Part 3

For those looking to earn actual college credits for courses taken online, there is now StraighterLine, a leader in the online learning revolution. This company took the traditional educational delivery system and turned it on its head. StraighterLine is an online course provider that exclusively uses technology to provide students with college course portability, allowing them access to a college education anytime, anywhere, in a low cost a la carte manner. At StraighterLine, you have access to credit-bearing college courses, and one-on-one academic help as needed. You can also take many of the most common introductory college courses including pre-calculus, calculus, English, biology, chemistry, history, and more. Because the cost of a college course is so low (it offers its online college courses at a subscription cost basis of $99/month with a one-time fee per course of $49) students who take StraighterLine courses can purchase courses when they want without bothering with the task of securing financial aid.

All of StraighterLine’s college courses are ACE-certified, allowing you to have an established baseline of course quality from which to compare their completed courses with courses taken in a traditional college environment. This means, when you are ready, you can transfer your credits to a degree-granting college, bypassing the tuition costs associated with taking courses that are considered prerequisites in your first year of college.

As the need for education beyond high school expands, so too does the need for education providers to look beyond traditional models of education. College courses are being made available for anyone, anywhere. Technology has transformed most people’s lives – why should it not do the same for their education? The time has come for you to expect that college is where you are, not the other way around.

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