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As you’ll find out below, taking self-paced, online courses as an international student can improve your experience, whether you take them before or after you get here. Not only can you begin to get acquainted with our nation’s approach to higher learning at your own pace, but also you can lower the cost of your college degree... and with the cost of education in America skyrocketing, that can make all the difference in the world.

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StraighterLine Student Profile: Charl Roux

There’s no doubt that international boundaries are disappearing in today’s world, where students from any country can take courses online at American colleges and even degrees from them.

Charl Roux is one of this new breed of virtual college globetrotters. He lives in South Africa, but that didn’t stop him from taking courses online at StraighterLine.

Learn about it in this recent conversation between Charl and Barry Lenson of the StraighterLine blog . . .

Barry Lenson: How and why did you find StraighterLine?

Charl Roux: I happened to read an article about StraighterLine in Time Magazine labeled “A Full year of college for $999 per year?” So that really grabbed my attention and I decided to give StraighterLine a try. I was also looking for a self-study program, as I am working full time and don't have the time to travel to college for classes. I needed something that I could do on my own pace and time, and StraighterLine filled that requirement perfectly.

BL: Can you tell me a little bit about your situation - your family, prior studies - so I can understand how SL fit into your life?

CR: I was studying when I was younger, did my associate’s degree in computer information systems, then started working straight after my studies. Now I'm still working full time, so don't have the opportunity to go back to university, as I want to complete my bachelor's degree for work advancement. Currently I am not married, but do have a fiancée. Juggling between work and studies can be hard, so you need dedication. StraighterLine's self-paced study model works perfectly for me, as I can do only the courses I need to enroll for further studies at a local college. And all courses are ACE-approved, which is a really great advantage in transferring courses.

BL: What courses did you take, and why? How did you use them?

CR: I took math courses, College Algebra, Business Statistics, General Calculus I and General Calculus II, as well as Economics I and II, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Psychology, as well as a couple of business subjects. I took those subjects, as I want to get my business degree in information systems, so those are all subjects I need to complete my studies in Business Management. The courses at StraighterLine helped me a lot, as they are all very well priced, and assisted me in going through the coursework much quicker, as I already had knowledge of most of the subjects.

BL: How well did the courses work for you?

CR: The courses were excellent. The course help was really professional, my questions were answered fast and efficiently, the person on the other side was always professional with any questions. The online tutoring was also excellent, giving you all the information very professionally using pictures, text and sound/animations. All in all, StraighterLine was a great experience to me, and I have recommended it to all my friends and colleagues.

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