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When you’re ready for college, you’re ready for college – even if you’re still in high school. Of course, taking college courses in high school can shave semesters off your college tuition, reducing your student loan debt and letting avoid you those introductory courses in overcrowded lecture halls. Check out these success stories from other motivated, high school high-achievers like you!

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Student of the Month: Lindsay Emo

Lindsay Emo is StraighterLine Student of the Month for June. Unlike other students who we’ve profiled on this blog in the past, Lindsay is a high school senior. She had the vision to take a college-level course at StraighterLine. She even arranged to have the credits she earned transferred to the college of her choice.

No doubt about it, Lindsay is a unique young woman. And she is notable for other reasons too. She is homeschooled and proud of it. And she is already starting to make plans for graduate school. Let’s hear what she has to say.

StraighterLine: How did you find StraighterLine?

Lindsay: I was surfing the Internet for affordable online college courses. I’m a homeschooled senior, and was looking to take some dual-credit courses to save time and maybe some money. My intended degree is a Masters in Elementary Education at Columbia International University. I then plan to take my degree to third-world countries, where I will work as a missionary offering the gift of education to those who can't afford it.

StraighterLine: Those are ambitious plans. What can you tell us about your course?

Lindsay: I took the English Composition I course. I would definitely recommend it to other high school students wishing to get ahead, or to college students wanting to save money. This course was the most affordable I could find anywhere, but it delivered high-quality results.

StraighterLine: What was it like to take the course? Did you find the information and the support you needed?

Lindsay: Once I used the Blackboard and Smart Thinking features a few times, they became fairly easy to use. I cannot say how amazing it was to have any critique I needed right at my fingertips. I used the help of the instructors a lot, and I have to say that was my favorite part of the course. Whenever I contacted StraighterLine via e-mail or phone, they were always quick to respond and helpful in answering my questions.

My course was actually able to read lessons to me aloud, or I could read the content for myself. That makes the course work well for all learning styles, because you hear it, see it, and do it. The information is written in a format that is easy to read and understand. The assignments were challenging to me, but not overwhelming. I did not find the course easy or dull at all, especially once it began essay work.

StraighterLine: So the course was challenging?

Lindsay: I did not always receive the grades I wanted, but that was very beneficial to spur me on to work harder for the next one. I saw a huge difference in the grades I received in the beginning from the ones I received in the end. One of my first grades was about a 14 out of 21 possible points. When I submitted my final research essay, I received a 20 out of 21 possible points. What a difference! I can see the difference in my writing now, and am very pleased.

StraighterLine: How did you schedule time to do your coursework?

Lindsay: I did not need to work on English every day, and I still finished within the period I was allotted. In the beginning I looked at how many chapters there were, and how many weeks I had to finish the course, then planned accordingly.

StraighterLine: And were you able to transfer your credits to Columbia International University?

Lindsay: Yes. I have just been informed that the credits I earned in my course have been accepted. Thank you, StraighterLine, for helping me to move forward toward my educational goals!

Thank you too, Lindsay Emo, for being such a great example of what smart students can accomplish at StraighterLine. We are proud that we helped you reach your educational goals.

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