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Tuition, Fees and Refund Policies

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition, Textbooks, and Material Costs All StraighterLine courses require payment in advance. All required or suggested materials are listed on your course’s syllabus or on course description pages. eTextbooks, Tutoring, and Proctoring are included in the listed course price.

Partner College Fees Certain partner colleges require the payment of an application fee prior to awarding credit for a StraighterLine course. Please check with your Student Advisor to confirm whether your selected partner college will require an application fee. StraighterLine does not determine or exercise authority over partner college admissions fees.

Financial Aid StraighterLine does not directly participate in federally funded financial aid programs; therefore, StraighterLine tuition may not be paid for with funds dispersed through financial aid programs. Partner colleges do offer financial assistance to students once officially enrolled.

Employee Tuition Reimbursement StraighterLine is happy to partner with companies and employees interested in establishing tuition reimbursement relationships. Please refer to our Corporate Partnerships page for more information.

Refund Policies

Please use the link below to access StraighterLine's complete refund policy:

View StraighterLine's refund policy

Refund of Partner College Fees Requests and processes must be handled directly with the college itself.