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  • Accreditation

    See Regional Accreditation

  • ACE

    The ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training contains ACE credit recommendations for formal courses or examinations offered by various organizations, from businesses and unions to the government and military. The American Council on Education has reviewed all of StraighterLine's courses and has listed them on their site ( within the National Guide. ACE review and acceptance means that our courses are accepted at any college or university that has accepted the ACE CREDIT recommendations on their site.

  • Student Advisor

    The primary administrative point of contact serving StraighterLine students; Student Advisors assist in the transfer of student records to partner colleges, and ensure that all student questions and concerns are addressed while enrolled in StraighterLine.

  • National Accreditation

    Many national accrediting bodies exist for various types of specialized educational institutions including trade schools, arts and humanities schools, healthcare schools, law schools, and more. National accreditations are not as widely recognized among universities as regional accreditations.

  • Partner College

    A regionally accredited college or university which has reviewed and confirmed the rigor of StraighterLine courses as equal to those it delivers itself. The partner college further agrees to award academic credit for successfully completed StraighterLine courses according to the equivalency guide and when applicable to the student’s degree program.

  • Regional Accreditation

    The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Regional accreditation is the highest level of quality an educational institution can achieve. There are six regional accrediting bodies, each serving one of six defined geographic areas of the country and each being responsible for accrediting the schools, colleges, and universities in their regions.