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Welcome to StraighterLine!

You have made a smart decision. Over many years, the process of earning a degree has become increasingly expensive. While a few institutions have sought to improve the options available to students, StraighterLine represents the first service of its kind to solve the challenges of cost and flexibility without limiting students to a ground-based location. The true value of our solutions will become increasingly apparent as you begin to recognize the extraordinary level of support from both our online educators and our dedicated team of Student Advisors. As a StraighterLine student, you are our valued partner; we promise to be there when you need us, and we will listen to your recommendations and improve our program based on your advice.

Real courses for real credit require real work.

Make no mistake; the courses you take through StraighterLine represent a rigorous, but exciting, learning experience. You will be challenged to perform to the best of your ability so you can begin your degree program with the skills and abilities needed to perform at advanced levels.

Tips for success in a StraighterLine course:

Outline your goals and a timeline for completing the course. By taking a course through StraighterLine, you have the freedom to complete courses on your own timeline. But be sure this freedom doesn’t cause you to forget about the coursework. Before you start your StraighterLine course, download a copy of the suggested course timeline, enter your start date in the black cell, and use this document to help keep yourself on schedule.

Work with the Student Advisor. The Student Advisor is the difference between a StraighterLine online course and all the imitators. Student Advisors are here specifically for you and responsible for assisting you throughout the duration of your StraighterLine course. Work with the Student Advisor, and you will find success in reaching your goals.

Use the tutoring hours included with the course. When you press the Tutoring button, you are able engage in live, immediate tutoring sessions or you can schedule future appointments with a real, live subject-matter expert. All online tutors are experts in their fields, and have undergone rigorous testing (SMARTHINKING tutors are also E-structor® certified).

Have a place to be free of all distractions. Everybody has distractions, but constant disturbances can threaten your progress. Find a quiet place that allows you to focus on your coursework. If you are too distracted at home, try using Internet access at the library or work from a nearby cyber café or coffee shop.