StraighterLine Guarantee

The StraighterLine Credit Transfer Money-Back Guarantee

We understand that StraighterLine is new and different. And that can be a little scary. So to put your mind at ease, we are pleased to offer The StraighterLine Credit Transfer Money-Back Guarantee. We guarantee your ability to transfer StraighterLine courses to our partner colleges based on our formal agreement with each of those schools. Those agreements detail how a StraighterLine course is comparable to and accepted in lieu of a specific course/course requirement at each partner college.

Even better, these agreements can save you hours of effort working out the details with your school!

You’ll find everything you need to know about course equivalency, number of credits upon transfer and other conditions/requirements here on our college credit course transfer chart.

Subject to those conditions/requirements, if any, you’ll be able to transfer your StraighterLine course for credit so long as:

1. You are admitted to and enroll at a StraighterLine partner college and
2. You earn a “C” or better (70%+) as final grade for that StraighterLine course

If you meet the requirements and a partner school still won’t accept your StraighterLine course, we will give you your money back, no questions asked. For packaged programs (i.e., the $999 program), your refund will be pro-rated based on which courses are accepted and which ones are not.

Please note that while hundreds of other colleges may award credit for StraighterLine courses, which have been recommended by ACE Credit, those colleges are not covered by this guarantee. If the college in question is not one of our partner colleges, we suggest you ask them whether they award credit for StraighterLine courses before you enroll with us.

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