Professor Daniel Gryboski MS, University of Colorado
Total students servedTotal Students Served: 1339 and counting

Dan Gryboski has been teaching math and statistics online and in the classroom since 2002. Throughout his teaching career, Dan has been recognized as a teacher who meets the students’ different learning needs. In his very first year of teaching, he was selected as the Master Teacher out of 250 other faculty members. He was nominated by his students specifically for his ability to help students apply mathematical concepts in their daily lives.

Dan made 600 tutorial videos for McGraw-Hill publishers and most recently created over 300 tutorial videos for StraighterLine. He continues making videos, as he routinely responds to students’ questions by creating tutorials that answer their specific questions.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Colorado College. He earned his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before entering the teaching profession, he worked as an engineer modeling the passenger capacities of automated transportation systems. He was invited to present his paper, “Using a Simple Linear Regression Model to Predict the Outcome of Collegiate Football Game,” at the Hawaii International Conference on Statistics in 2004. He has presented at numerous local educational forums promoting the use of real applications in teaching mathematics and, thereby, self-reliance.

Dan enjoys spending time outside with his wife and three children, as well as riding his mountain bike and golfing.

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