Professor Bethany Bird MA, American Public University
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My name is Professor Bethany Bird and this semester I will guide you through the social, political, and economic events that shaped United States history. As a professor I am dedicated to fostering an understanding of history to safeguard the traditions of the past so they can influence the present and future through a maze of ever changing perspectives. To accomplish such a lofty goal I spent many years as a student in face-to-face classrooms and e-classrooms. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from CSU Long Beach, a Master of Arts degree in Humanities with a history emphasis from CSU Dominguez Hills, and a Master of Arts degree in History with Honors from American Public University. I am a member of Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society and Golden Key International Honour Society. As a former student of distance education and online education I understand the importance of offering this valuable resource and I understand the challenges faced by online students. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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