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We’ve got content, you’ve got expertise. Join us now and help us reduce the cost of college education while building your brand and connecting with thousands of students.

Step 1: Submit Your Information

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Upload your Resume/CV
  • Complete your Bio

Step 2:

Build and Promote Your Course

  • Browse StraighterLine’s approved course catalog
  • See which subjects best fit your background
  • Create your online course listing
  • Start promoting to collect interest
  • Customize your course
  • Add educational value for students

Step 3:

Market Your Course and Enroll Students

  • Set a price
  • Publish your course
  • Continue spreading the word about your course
  • Invite students you’ve already taught and ones you’ve been dying to teach
  • Promote your course through social media
  • Engage students and share your passion

What is ProfessorDirect?

ProfessorDirect is a direct line between teachers and students. StraighterLine’s professor-led courses reflect a growing community of educators who believe that online education should meet the needs and schedules of today’s student but not cost an arm and a leg. Our platform provides an ultra-affordable course foundation that reflects the real cost of online course and puts students on a pathway to real college credit. Professors add their own value through additional content, communication and engagement and get compensated accordingly.

As featured in Fast Company Co.ExistThe Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher Education, Boston Inno, Technically Baltimore and more.


Teaching and earning through ProfessorDirect is simple. Professors are paid based on the premium they add to any base StraighterLine course fee (which includes all fees necessary to offer the course). Professors are paid that premium for all students that enroll in their course.

Additionally, Professors will be given unique URLs for marketing their courses. Using these URLs, StraighterLine can attribute new student enrollments to individual marketing efforts. For new enrollments that can be attributed to individual professor’s marketing efforts, professors will be paid $25 per enrollment per month, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in that particular professor’s course. Payments are processed monthly via Paypal.


We’re seeking the best and brightest professors to help our students achieve; all ProfessorDirect candidates must provide biographical information during the application process including their CV/resume and contact information.

Our professors hail from a variety of backgrounds and many have years of experience in higher education. While backgrounds of our current Professors are varied we prefer candidates that have at least a Masters in their area of expertise and experience delivering the course they intend to teach. Exceptions are possible but we always put our students’ interests first.

Course Creation

ProfessorDirect is an innovative way to make education both engaging and affordable. Accepted Instructors will get access to their own customizable version of our college-credit recommended courses to customize and deliver with the help of StraighterLine’s Academic Team. StraighterLine has worked with leaders in curriculum design and subject matter experts who ensure that appropriate materials and assessments lead to concrete learning, and all courses available through the program are recommended for credit via the ACE CREDIT Recommendation Course Review process.

Prior to launch Instructors will have the chance to use a variety of tools and resources to augment courses and personalize courses for delivery. Whether it’s additional video resources, lectures and assignments, or simply the added availability of expertise using discussion forums, office hours or posted contact information: ProfessorDirect is your direct connection to StraighterLine students. ProfessorDirect features both self-paced and scheduled options and a variety of course titles to choose from.

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