Parents' Guide to Online College Classes

Want to Make a Difference in Your Child’s College Success and Financial Future? Enroll Your High School Student in StraighterLine Online College Courses

Choosing the best options for your child’s college education can be confusing, stressful, and time-consuming. Mistakes at this stage in your child’s education can come at a high price in terms of both money and lifelong success.

That’s why StraighterLine’s revolutionary $99/month college subscription program is a welcome relief to both parents and students alike.

With StraighterLine online college courses, students can challenge themselves academically at a pace they set themselves – all without the pressure of taking on student loans and the rigidity of semester time limits.

Is Your Child Excelling in College Algebra or Underwater Angry Birds?

A lot can happen between the time your child starts college and his or her graduation date. Not all of it good. In fact, not all students who start college go on to graduate. In the U.S., almost 70% of high school graduates go to college, but only about 40% earn their degree by their mid-twenties.[i] When you factor in that the average annual cost of college is just over $32,000 for a private 4-year university[ii], not graduating can dim even the brightest of futures with limited career options and unmanageable school loan debt.

StraighterLine online classes can equip your student with a portfolio of earned college credits that can help him or her step into their educational future with confidence – and save considerable tuition dollars along the way.

Taking Courses Before College Can Lead to Success in College

Studies have shown that completing college courses before actually enrolling in college is a good predictor of success in college. Nearly 90% of StraighterLine alums are either currently enrolled in a degree program or have completed a college degree since taking their StraighterLine course. Over 70% who completed a StraighterLine course felt it made them more likely to complete a college degree.

Prepare the Path Now for Your Child’s Success in College

StraighterLine can assist you with preparing your child for education beyond high school with highly flexible, low cost, high quality online college and college preparatory courses.

College Prep: For students not quite ready for college-level courses, StraighterLine offers a suite of online college prep classes that can help bridge the gap from high school to college. Online College Prep classes include: introductory algebra, developmental writing, and Student Success.

Advanced Placement (AP): StraighterLine offers 5 AP-approved online courses. Your student can get a head start on the AP coursework they plan on taking in the fall, or complete a StraighterLine course and free up their schedule for other senior year requirements.

Earn College Credit Now to Save Tuition Later: Students can get a jump on college by earning enough credits to possibly bypass a semester or two when they take online college classes through StraighterLine. StraighterLine offers a full spectrum of online college classes eligible for full college credit through ACE. To make your life easy, StraighterLine offers a credit transfer guarantee for any credits transferred through its network of partner colleges. You can find the full list of StraighterLine partner colleges here .

Enroll Your Child in a StraighterLine Course When Institutional Reputation, Educational Standards, Class Flexibility and Cost Matter

Enrolling your student in StraighterLine online college courses is an investment in your child’s future. Students throughout the United States and beyond are thriving in college thanks to the credits earned and college experience gained at StraighterLine. Read what our students have to say about their StraighterLine experience.

From academic advisors assigned to each student upon enrollment to the anytime one-on-one online tutoring provided with each course subscription – StraighterLine won’t let your student fall through the cracks. And when it comes time for college credit transfer, StraighterLine is here to help streamline the credit transfer process to any of our partner colleges.

Put your child on the path to college success and save your tuition money for a semester further down the college path – enroll your student in StraighterLine online classes today.

[i] Harvard Graduate School of Education, Pathways to Prosperity, 2/2011, p.6

[ii] National Center for Education Statistics: Fast Facts, Tuition Costs of Colleges and Univesities, 201, p.1.

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