Stress-Free Tips for Moms Going Back To College Part 3

Moms Going Back to College4 - You can afford to go back to college. Here are a few creative ways to pay for your college education as a mom.

  • Use part of your tax refund to invest in your college education. The average tax refund for 2013 is $2,894. You can enroll in college courses online for only $99/month, and still have plenty of money left over to pay down bills or take a vacation. 
  • Take advantage of scholarships for working mothers or women who are adult learners going back to college. The Scholarships for Women website is a good jumping off point for you to discover which scholarships are out there waiting for you:
  • Are you a working mom who wants to go back to school? Be sure to take advantage of any employer tuition reimbursement programs that your company offers. When you’re working and going to college, you can't afford to leave money on the table! 
  • Take low cost online college courses... for credit. If you can afford the luxury of taking free online college courses for no credit, you might want to check out MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). But if you are serious about turning your online college courses into real credentials or ultimately a college degree, you can sign up for low cost online college courses for about the same cost (or less!) than your child’s monthly fee for gymnastic class! At StraighterLine, you can take college courses for $99/month (plus a one-time $49 per course fee) and earn real college credit when you transfer to a partner college or one of the 1800 member ACE network colleges.

More Advice from the Front Line: 
Tips for Moms Going Back To College Online from a Mother Who Earned Her Masters through an Online College – and Loved It!

Cari Andreani from Jacksonville, FL earned a Masters in Leadership from Liberty University Online and “loved every minute of it!” 

This is her experience with going back to college as a mom through Liberty University Online:

I am a wife and mom of three and completed an online Masters degree. I actually preferred an online degree to a regular classroom environment because of the convenience and versatile schedule. 

These are some reasons I loved it:

The flexible schedule is awesome! Take advantage of doing work in your pjs!

You also save time from driving to and from a university [where] you are locked into their schedule. [This is] so helpful while raising a family and going to school at the same time!

I highly recommend online degrees for women who are mothers. Since I have done both traditional classes and online, I would say I didn't compromise any education and found the online classes just as challenging if not more. 

One more tip for moms [going back to college] would be:

Get as much homework done early in the morning when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet and also when they go to bed at night. Get up early and stay up late – take a nap with the kids during the day if you have to, but early mornings and late nights saved me!

Going back to college as a mom can be done with little risk to your financial well-being, scheduling, and sanity. Whether you are a single working mom, or a mom looking to reenter the workforce now, or opting out of the workforce for a few years, investing in a college education may be the best financial move you can make. Enrolling in online college courses can help you move towards earning your college degree, and provides a pathway for a stress-free return to higher learning.

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