StraighterLine or Test Drive College

Which Online College Course Provider Is Better for You?

That depends on who you are, what you want to study, and what you want to do with your courses once you’re done.

  • You must pass a 15-question assessment exam and talk to an advisor to see if you’re the “type of student” they’re looking for.
  • You must be over 18 and have a GED or HS Diploma.
  • You can’t be in college or have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Everyone is eligible, including High School students, college students and grads with bachelor’s degrees.

How Many Courses Can You Take?
  • 1 course.
  • Unlimited courses.

  • 5 courses.
  • Dozens of courses in the Humanities, Science, Math, Business and English.

Credit Transfer
  • Course transfers to 10 partner schools.
  • Courses may transfer through ACE.
  • Courses transfer to 30 partner schools and institutions.
  • Courses have been accepted at over 300 other colleges.
  • Courses may transfer through ACE.

  • Free.
  • 2 Affordable subscription plans.
  • College for $99 a month plus $49/course registration fee.
  • Freshman Year for $999: up to 10 courses for $999.


If you want to take a single free course, and then transfer it to a limited number of colleges and universities, and you meet the eligibility requirements, you may want to consider

But if you want to take as many courses as you want, and then transfer them automatically to dozens of partner colleges, and if you’re a high school student, or already in college, StraighterLine is the better choice for you.

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