StraighterLine or New Charter University (New.Edu)

Which Online College Course Provider Is Better for You?

That depends on who you are, what you want to study, and what you want to do with your courses once you’re done.


New Charter University
  • No restrictions for non-degree students, but limited to 4 courses
  • You must have or get a GED or HS Diploma and complete, or submit for transfer and have accepted, 12 credits within your first term enroll as a degree student. If no diploma, you may enroll if you complete 12 credits by the end of the first term.
  • Under 18 also needs written permission from legal guardian.
  • Everyone is eligible, including High School students.

How Many Courses Can You Take?

New Charter University
  • 4 courses maximum for non-enrolled students (non-degree status), after 4 courses you must enroll to continue.
  • 3 courses/term to start for enrolled students; once a course is completed, you may start another course.
  • Unlimited courses.

Term Length:

New Charter University
  • 16 weeks with specific start and end dates.
  • If you fail to successfully complete at least one course during a term, you will be “withdrawn” from the University.
  • Self-paced. Take up to a year to finish any course.

Credit Transfer

New Charter University
  • “At the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer.”
  • Courses automatically transfer to 30 partner schools and institutions.
  • Courses have been accepted at over 300 other colleges and universities.
  • Courses may transfer through ACE to over 1800 participating colleges and universities.


New Charter University
  • $796/16-week term, paid in 4 installments of $199/month for a maximum of 4 courses (unless enrolled).
  • 2 Affordable subscription plans.
  • College for $99 a month plus $49/course registration fee, unlimited courses.
  • Freshman Year for $999: up to 10 courses for $999.


If you plan on getting your degree from an accredited, online school, then you may be interested in enrolling at New Charter University (although if you are, we suggest looking at more established and better-regarded leading online colleges and universities with stronger accreditations than New Charter’s national accreditation from the DETC.)

But if you want to take as few or as many courses as you want, for as low cost as possible, and then transfer them automatically to dozens of leading online partner colleges and universities to get your degree, or if you’re a high school student, or already in college and just need a couple of courses to complete your degree, StraighterLine is the better choice for you.