How to Get into an American College and Pay for It

If you’re not an American citizen, attending college in the United States can seem like an impossible dream – especially with the high costs of tuition at traditional American colleges and universities.

But don’t give up hope. There are ways to attend college in America and pay for it too. Let’s take a closer look.

You Can Get Into a Traditional American College or University . . .

Many American colleges and universities are eager to welcome international students like you. After all, you bring an international and varied perspective to their campuses and classrooms. So your first step is to investigate American colleges and universities, if you haven’t already.

Start with, our favorite website for researching colleges and financial aid. This college-search site is unique and very user-friendly. Its online search function even calculates your need for financial aid and leads you to colleges that you should investigate.

After that, you can do some college hunting on more mainstream websites, such as The College Board and U.S. News. But be aware, MyUSearch is a lot more user-friendly than either of those mega-sites, and much more tailored to the needs of international students.

You Can Jumpstart Your American College Education with StraighterLine . . .

If you want to start taking American college courses today – even if you have never set foot in America – there is a way, right here at All of StraighterLine’s online college courses earn college credit through the ACE program. You can take StraighterLine courses and then transfer the credits you earn to hundreds of American colleges and universities.

You can also take courses at StraighterLine and then begin studying at one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges . They are all excellent American colleges. Many of them allow you to complete some or all of your college studies online. The result? Access to an American college degree without worrying about immigration, relocation or housing.

You Can Find Financial Aid . . .

Let’s assume that after following the steps outlined above, you have identified a college or university that interests you. Now, how are you going to pay for it?

Your first step is to talk to a financial aid officer at the college or university where you might apply. He or she is your first source of information about financial aid for foreign students at the school.

After that, be sure to check out some or all of the following sources of financial aid for foreign students who are interested in studying in the United States:

Welcome to College in America!

So is attending college in America in impossible dream? Not at all. Start planning early, check out the resources we give above – and the education of your dreams at an American university could be yours.

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