How to Unlock Your Goals with Online College Math Courses Part 3

Which Online College Math Courses You Should Consider & When To Take Them

College Preparatory Math Online

You may want to enroll in an online college prep math course :

  • If you have determined your math skills are not quite ready for primetime at the college level.
  • To give yourself a “refresher” if it’s been a while since you’ve last worked your way through a problem set.
  • If you are a current high school student looking to acquire and/or augment the math skills necessary to take your education to the next level.

College preparatory math courses available online include courses like Introductory Algebra. You don’t generally earn college credit for a college prep math course. Online courses like College Algebra and Precalculus are not considered college prep classes and can be taken for college credit.

Prerequisite Math Online 

Essentially, a prerequisite math course is the type of college course you’ll typically be expected to take in the first two years of college. Taking some of your math prerequisites online will enable you to prove to yourself that you do have what it takes to take math courses at the college level. Additionally, taking online math classes for college credit will allow you to save substantial tuition money, stockpile transfer credits, and position yourself confidently in your major when you do enroll at a college or university.

You may want to enroll in prerequisite math class online if you:

  • Plan on earning your associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Know that your major of study requires math courses (most do).
  • Are on a budget and like the idea of saving money by taking math classes online.
  • Need flexibility.
  • Would benefit from a one-on-one learning environment.
  • Sign-up for a program that guarantees your online math courses will automatically transfer to your college of choice.

Many majors, in fact most colleges, use math as a prerequisite to further study. It is assumed that a college graduate will have, at the very least, a certain level of math competence. Humanities majors may be expected, at minimum, to have passed College Algebra or Precalculus. A general business major may need to take a course like Business Statistics . A science major pursuing a nursing degree or a business major who plans on becoming an accountant will most likely need to take courses beyond College Algebra or Precalculus such as Calculus I and Calculus II .

Online Math Degree

When you start taking, and succeeding in, your math classes online, you may find that you can’t get enough math. If this is the case, you may be an excellent candidate for earning a degree in math. An online math degree is a pathway to a great career in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

You may want to earn an associate or bachelor’s in math online if you:

  • Are interested in a STEM career path where occupations are projected to grow by 17 percent, compared to a 9.8% growth for other occupations.4
  • Are interested in entering a field where you can earn significantly more on average than those entering other fields.5
  • Need schedule flexibility.
  • Would like to earn your degree at your own pace.
  • Are interested in saving money on tuition by taking credit-bearing online math courses before enrolling in college.

Given the right tools and a motivated mindset, you can be successful in math. Often it is math which acts as the gateway subject to unlock access to the college classes and degree you’ve always wanted. Online math classes can provide you with the type of academic support and technologies that you may have missed in your past experiences with the subject. Consider enrolling in a college math class online today and move beyond your preconceived notions around what a math education should look and feel like. You may just find that even if you never fall passionately in love with math, you might just develop a tiny little crush.

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