A Guide on How to Go Back to College: Part Five (Page 2)

There is No Credit Transfer Guarantee

Unless you have earned credits at a school with an already agreed upon partnership arrangement at another institution, there is no guarantee previously earned credits will be accepted at the school you are looking to transfer into. It’s up the receiving school, the school you are looking to attend or transfer into, to decide whether or not they will accept your college credits into the program you’re considering.

Some colleges only accept prerequisite, or basic, college courses for transfer, even if you’ve taken more advanced courses previously. Others impose grade restrictions. Others still have a maximum college credit transfer policy and impose a limit on the number of credits they are willing to accept.

Take Time to Understand the Credit Transfer Process

The transfer process can seem ambiguous. It doesn’t have to be. Some institutions will help guide you through the transfer process, particularly if they have partnership relationships, or prior transfer credit policies, with another institution. Others may require you to do more digging. Be sure to contact the transfer office of the college to which you plan on transferring to understand their policy and what they will consider as course equivalencies. A course equivalency will map out which classes taken elsewhere are equal to specific courses offered by the receiving institution and therefore determined to be acceptable as credits already earned. Make sure you have access to previous transcripts earned at other institutions and are able to provide the necessary information to the school you are looking to switch into. Check out StraighterLine’s Credit Transfer Center to learn more about how credit transfer works, what accreditation is, which schools belong to the ACE Credit Network, and more.

Learning how to transfer college credits is worth your effort. With the rising cost of education, there’s no need to spend money and time relearning something you’ve already mastered. Leave your efforts to concentrate on earning your degree -- and achieve your educational goals that much sooner.

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