Jumpstart Your Degree Online While in the Military

Being on active duty in the military requires constant time and dedication to your profession. With all your responsibilities, college may seem like an impossible task to pile atop your already brimming workload. However, thousands of military personnel are taking online college classes today, enhancing their military resume with accredited degrees.

Offering an innovative way to complete your required college courses online, StraighterLine's affordable and convenient online college courses allow you to take courses while in the military on your own schedule, providing you with optimal flexibility.

StraighterLine is not your typical distance learning program. Students can pay $99 per month plus as little as $49 for every course started.

While StraighterLine does not offer college degrees, the program gives you the tools to complete your basic requirements to transfer to a StraighterLine partner college or any college that awards credit for American Council Education (ACE) evaluated and recommended courses. StraighterLine offers the general college courses that every student must complete in order to earn their college degree.

With a partner college credit transfer guarantee , StraighterLine insures your ability to transfer courses to its partner colleges based on StraighterLine's formal agreement with each of those schools. These agreements also save you hours of effort working out credit transfer details.

For military personnel, finding time to complete assignments and meet due dates can prove to be a challenge. StraighterLine's college courses offer total flexibility with no fixed start date or due dates, you can move as quickly or as slowly through the material as you please. There are no required meeting times and no team projects. You are able to set your own schedule and work at your own pace, making the program ideal for active military duty.

After you have completed your general college courses you can transfer your credits and continue taking classes online or at a traditional college. Getting ahead in college while serving your country will help you jumpstart your future and earn your degree in a shorter amount of time.

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