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Inside Higher Ed - January 6, 2014
WGU Deepening Partnership With StraighterLine Creates A New Path To Completion
"The university admits 94 percent of students who have completed at least two StraighterLine courses. And year-to-year retention rates for StraighterLine course completers at Western Governors top 90 percent"

Scientific American
Scientific American - September 9, 2014
Wanted: Long-Term Thinking about Technology and Education
“Although many traditional universities are addicted to the tuitions they draw with big lecture halls, online institutions and companies such as Western Governors University, UniversityNow and StraighterLine have begun demonstrating a viable alternative. The mainstream academic world should take notice.” That’s the insight from Scientific America, which calls on educators to "think long-term about the role of technology in learning." - April 23, 2014
Summer School Is for Chumps. You Should Take an Online Class Instead.
“With the online revolution in education, there’s no reason to pay name brand prices for generic courses when store brands will suffice.” See why Slate features StraigherLine as having a "clever setup" for students to earn affordable college credit.

Inside Higher Ed - December 14, 2012
Freelance Professors: "Self-employed professor" could soon be an actual job title
Inside Higher Ed features StraighterLine's new Professor Direct, and compares it against Udemy. Read this article to see how we stack up against a MOOC.

Co.EXIST - December 12, 2012
An eBay For Professors To Sell College Courses Directly To Students
Co Exist says StraighterLine is helping "Democratize Higher Education" by allowing professors to sell directly to students. Read more about how Co Exist thinks StraighterLine is creating "intriguing economics" for professors.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - December 12, 2012
New Platform Lets Professors Set Prices for Their Online Courses
The Chronicle delves into how to assess the added value of professors to StraighterLine's self-paced courses. "Instructors who offer courses on Professor Direct will be able to essentially set their own sticker prices..."

The Economist - December 1, 2012
Not what it used to be
In a great article about the rising costs of education, The Economist says "StraighterLine is already selling courses that gain students credits for a few hundred dollars."

The Baltimore Sun - September 4, 2012
Straighterline wants to help professors expand reach, while students save
StraighterLine CEO “Burck Smith is so far making good on his vision for revamping the way people pay for and complete college courses.” Learn how The Baltimore Sun says StraighterLine is saving students money “is in the midst of a rapidly growing online education industry.”

American Public Media - June 9, 2012
An alternative to the college degree?
The debate on what skills are necessary to be successful in the workplace opens up with some innovation. Listen to how Market Place says StraighterLine is working on offering a low-cost solution to measure critical thinking skills for students to hand into employers.

Maryland Public Television - June 7, 2012
PBS on Your Money and Business
StraighterLine receives a 10-million dollar investment. Watch Burck Smith interview with Maryland Public Television. Burck describes what the investment means and defines StraighterLine for those who aren’t familiar with the innovative company. “StraighterLine is the shortest pathway between you and your degree.”

TechCrunch - April 14, 2012
StraighterLine Nabs $10M To Make College More Affordable Through Online Education
“Student debt in the U.S. recently pushed over $1 trillion, and the average debt per student now stands at more than $25K.” Enter StraighterLine, with an announced $10-million to “find a solution” to lower the cost of education. Read how StraighterLine is “bringing price transparency to online education.”

The New Republic - March 13, 2012
The Higher Education Monopoly is Crumbling As We Speak
In a piece that talks about the innovations of new higher ed companies, StraighterLine emerges as a company that “can operate without government subsidies because their method of service delivery is phenomenally cheap at scale.”

Chicago Tribune - March 10, 2012
A GED for College?
“Could millions of college dropouts get a second chance through a GED-style equivalent of a college diploma? In today's age of blue-collar blues and online education, the idea of college-equivalency exams doesn't sound so outlandish anymore.” Dig into how StraighterLine is leading the charge.

Committee Hearing - Innovations in College Affordability: February 2, 2012
Testimony of Kevin Carey Policy Director, Education Sector on Innovations in College Affordability to U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
Download this report from the Senate Committee to see how StraighterLine is persuading Congress to consider price innovations in higher education. “Straighterline’s prices are so low because the cost of serving additional students is very small. And also because Straighterline isn’t paying the sunk costs of maintaining football stadiums, research departments, vice-provosts, and so on.”

The Washington Post - January 21, 2012
Online course start-ups offer virtually free college
“Analysts say the notion of free or very low-cost online college is gaining attention from students who often must borrow heavily to pay spiraling tuition costs at traditional schools.” See how The Washington Post says StraighterLine is gaining traction with its low-cost college courses.

Inside Higher Ed - January 20, 2012
Firms to Offer Standardized Tests to Individuals Through StraighterLine
“One of the holy grails for some players in the student learning outcomes movement is an assessment of an individual's skills or learning that employers might eventually accept in lieu of a college-awarded credential.” See StraighterLine’s announcement on adding ETS assessments like TOEFL®, GRE® and Praxis.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - January 19, 2012
Online Course Provider, StraighterLine, to Offer Critical-Thinking Tests to Students
“How do you validate badges or individual classes as a credential in the absence of a degree?” Read how The Chronicle asserts StraighterLine offers a “validated” solution.

Forbes - September 14, 2011
Saylor as Savior?
Forbes endorses our affordability, “StraighterLine is an excellent low cost provider of educational services.”

The Huffington Post - September 13, 2011
Want a Cheaper, Better College Experience? Stop the Rankings and Let Go of Tradition
Do “controls curb innovation?” The Huffington Post delves into this question and criticizes the hurdles of higher education: Tradition, federal and state dollars, oversight, shared governance, and higher-education associations. They cite StraighterLine’s approach.

The Christian Science Monitor - September 12, 2011
Make college accessible to the masses – and jobless
“When American educators can say, ‘A degree in X means a graduate has mastered the following things,’ then it shouldn't matter how a person got a degree or where.” Learn how StraighterLine is emerging from “the margins of higher education” to address this conundrum.

The New York Times - August 25, 2011
Online Enterprises Gain Foothold as Path to a College Degree
A personal story on the success of one student is featured in The New York Times. “Ryan Yoder, 35, a computer programmer who had completed 72 credits at the University of South Florida years ago, signed up with an outfit called Straighterline, paid $216 to take two courses in accounting and one in business communication, and a month later transferred the credits to Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, which awarded him a bachelor’s degree in June.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - May 16, 2011
College 2.0: Transforming Higher Education through Greater Innovation and Smarter Regulation
Download an in depth report on how StraighterLine is increasing affordability from The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “StraighterLine provides students an easy way to lower the cost of a degree by offering online access to general education courses.” See how StraighterLine is creating "savings of more than 90% versus the ?rst-year tuition at many colleges."

Fast Company - March 15, 2011
The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education
Fast Company ranks StraighterLine in the top 10 most innovative companies in education “For developing an online for-profit college where the first year costs $999.” We’d like to note that NONE of the MOOCs made this list.

Forbes - December 28, 2010
Schooling That Works: Four Great Innovations
In this Forbes critique, StraighterLine comes out as an innovative solution to improve efficiency. “Higher education in America is highly inefficient, overpriced, and produces dubious outcomes, including many graduates who end up in relatively low end jobs.”

US News & World Report - November 17, 2010
StraighterLine Offers Cheap, College Credits Online
StraighterLine “allows students to spend relatively little on their entry-level courses, but still receive credit for them from accredited partner institutions.” StraighterLine is helping students “complete bachelor’s degrees for three times cheaper.” See for yourself, read the US News spotlight on StraighterLine.

Money Talks News - November 5, 2010
College for $1,000 a Year?
“Imagine a college that was so inexpensive, you didn't need loans. Meet StraighterLine, the company that’s disrupting one of the most entrenched business models in the world: higher education.” Watch the video that talks more than money.

The Huffington Post - November 3, 2010
Is A College Class For $138 Too Good To Be True?
“StraighterLine is starting to capture media attention with its offer of general education courses” for its affordability and innovation. See why people were asking if we’re “too good to be true?” back in 2010. - November 3, 2010
A Full Year of College for $999
“Online learning, to me, is natural. If I can shop at midnight, why can’t I do my coursework then? I would much rather be using my computer to expand my horizons than buy a pair of shoes.” StraighterLine offers college courses anywhere, anytime, and it has caught Time’s attention.

The Baltimore Sun - October 31, 2010
StraighterLine's challenge to the rising cost of college
Read how StraighterLine helped Elizabeth Smith complete an algebra college course in 10 days for only $138. Without StraighterLine, she wouldn’t have been able to graduate on time. “StraighterLine aims to become even more appealing to recession-weary students who continue to see huge tuition increases at traditional brick-and-mortar colleges.”

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