If you want to enter a professional career path:

1 - Looking to enter the healthcare profession? Want to become a nurse?  

Community colleges in California play a big role in educating healthcare professionals. In fact, 70% of all nurses in California received their education from a community college.5 But what do you do if you if the nursing program you want to get into is full? What if you have been prevented from taking the introductory classes you need to become a nurse, or to earn the nursing credentials you need just to keep your job? What if the prerequisite courses that you need for your nursing degree are fully subscribed at your California community college?  

Answer: You take introductory college courses online at StraighterLine. At StraighterLine, there is never a waitlist. And each and every day, our student advisors work to enroll future nurses and healthcare workers in the college courses they need to successfully earn their college degree. 

At StraighterLine, you can take many of the required college courses you need to become a nurse online

These include:

At StraighterLine, you can also take many of the other courses you may also need to become a nurse:

2 - Looking to for a career in criminal justice or homeland security field? Want to become a firefighter or an EMT? 

80% of fighters, law enforcement officers, and EMTs in California earn the credentials they need through a community college.6 Perhaps you are considering the Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) academy at one of California’s community colleges. Perhaps you are considering joining a fire technology program for firefighters. What can you do until there’s a spot in one of these programs? How can you best give yourself an academic leg up prior to attending one of these programs? Answer: Take online college courses now before a job is on the line. 

You may be surprised, but increasingly fields in law enforcement and home security require mastery in college courses as diverse as statistics and English.  

At StraighterLine, you can prepare yourself to rise to the top of your homeland security class by taking: 

5Community College League of California, Fast Facts 2012, 9/2012, p.2

6Community College League of California, Fast Facts 2012, 9/2012, p.2

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