How to Get the College Classes You Need During the Community College Crisis Part 5

If you need continuing education credits for your job:

Is your job or company requiring that you continuing education classes? Whether a course is required for you to keep your position, or to be eligible for a promotion, or is just one of your benefits under your employer’s tuition assistance program, you don’t want to stall out just because the course you need isn’t available.

You can take the required college courses you need online through StraighterLine. From accounting, to CPR, to business statistics, StraighterLine offers courses in humanities, language, science, English, and math. StraighterLine’s open enrollment policy and self-paced options, allows you to take the classes you need, when you need it – ideal for the budget-conscious, time-strapped, working adult. 

You now also have the option to earn college credits for what you already know or have learned on the job. It’s called credit-by-exam. By taking tests like Excelsior College Exams, you can earn real college credit based on your score on a test. 

If you are a homeschooling high school student:

Are you a homeschooling high school student planning to take courses at a community college? Or are you a parent of a homeschooling high school student? Taking online college courses through StraighterLine concurrently while you take high school classes may be the most efficient way for you to take college courses while in high school – and earn college credit in the process.

With StraighterLine online college courses, there’s no worry about waitlists. You can take some of the most commonly required introductory college classes such as college algebra, introductory to business, English, calculus, history, and more. Plus, you don’t have to be concerned that your academic status (or your child’s academic status) as a high school student will be reclassified sooner than you want it to be by taking dual-credit courses (where credits are counted for both high school and college graduation requirements). 

If you are a homeschooled student enrolled in a StraighterLine course, you can keep your high school and college transcript separate if you need to. Additionally, StraighterLine online college courses can earn you credit for college, help you prepare for AP exams, and potentially help drastically reduce the number of credit hours you’ll have to take when enrolled in college full-time. In other words, StraighterLine can save you time, money, and get you where you want to go at faster pace than you would attending a California community college. 

At StraighterLine, homeschoolers can benefit from: 

  • Self-paced college course options which allow you to go at the pace that works best for your learning style and ability.
  • Professor-led options which offer you an academic mentor to help guide you in mastering advanced material.
  • Earning ACE CREDIT for every StraighterLine course successfully completed. ACE CREDIT is eligible for transfer to over 1,800 colleges and universities, including schools in California.
  • Not worrying about the logistics and expense associated with getting to an on-campus community college program.

Why Should I Care about the California Community College Crisis?

Even if you don’t live in California, the educational system is California is often a barometer of the educational health of the community college system in the United States as a whole. After all, 24% of all students in the United States who are enrolled in a community college attend that community college in California.9 There’s a good chance, as you pursue your college course access options, that you’ll run into similar issues with the community college in your area. 

When time is money, when cutbacks at California community colleges are derailing thousands of educational plans, it’s important to know what alternatives you have. Keep in mind that the online alternative might quite possibly be the better option for you in the long run anyway. Take back ownership of your educational future by taking college courses online through StraighterLine. 

With near-instant access to StraighterLine online college courses, you can wipe away your waitlist one click at a time. We welcome you, California.

9Community College League of California, Fast Facts 2012, 9/2012, p.2

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