How to Get Started in a Career in Business

By Beth Dumbauld

Let’s face it, you probably aren’t considering a career in business for the greater good of society. That’s not to say you don’t care deeply about the greater good, it’s just that most likely you are considering a business career for the money. And that’s okay.

Time is money, and money is a good thing

Earning your degree in business is good for your career and for achieving your life goals. You can earn a degree in business almost anywhere: online or at a traditional brick and mortar college or university. As a working adult, an online education provides you with exceptional class flexibility, and the ability to approach higher education on your own terms – including as quickly as possible, which for many, is of primary importance.

Not only are some of the most flexible and affordable business degree programs in the country offered online, like those at the University of Phoenix, Western Governors University, Excelsior College, Ashford University, SUNY Empire State, and Capella University, but also they are becoming the leading way for adult learners to upgrade their business skills while continuing to work. Earning your business degree, at whatever pace you choose to do so, pays you back each individual step of the way.

In fact, nearly all online business courses you complete can have a direct and positive impact on your working life. As you earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s in Business, you are also upgrading your business aptitude and skills – and becoming a more valuable employee in the process. In other words, earning a business degree helps your career now and in the future.

But if you care about saving money (in addition to making lots of it), you may want to consider taking prerequisite online college courses before even enrolling in school, no matter where you plan on ultimately earning your degree. At an online course provider like StraighterLine, you can enroll in an unlimited number of fully transferrable, credit-bearing college courses for just $99 a month.

Plus, you can prove to yourself, through your success in taking prerequisite online college courses like college algebra, business statistics, or business communication, that you do have what it takes to earn you degree in business – that you won’t be wasting money by taking college classes that are out of your reach

5 Pathways for Getting Started on Your Business Career

So the question remains: how do you get started in a career in business? Just follow these 5 Educational Pathways and you’ll be on an accelerated path towards earning your degree in business.

Pathway 1 - Earn College Credits Before Enrolling in a Business Program

You can take many of the prerequisites college courses necessary to earn your degree in business through an online college course provider. Furthermore, you can take these prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in a college or university. In fact, you can take a large number of prerequisites before you have even decided at which college or university you plan on ultimately earning your college degree.

Some of these online prerequisite college courses for a degree in business include courses that seem obvious for a student earning a degree in business such as math courses like College Algebra, Precalculus, Business Statistics, Calculus I, Calculus II or introductory economics courses like Economics I and Economics II. It also makes sense that a business student should take courses like Accounting I and Accounting II.

What may seem more surprising, however is that business majors may need to take prerequisite college courses in the humanities like English Composition I, English Composition II, Introduction to Psychology, History I, or even Western Civilization I.

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