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Our goal is to provide StraighterLine-New England College (NEC) students with all of the services and support needed for success.

The first phase of your program will be completed at StraighterLine with the balance of your courses delivered online by NEC. After completing your StraighterLine courses, you will move into your NEC course requirements as outlined within your degree program. No credit transfer will be required.

In order to be successful in the program -- and to meet financial aid eligibility requirements -- we strongly recommend getting started in your courses right away and taking advantage of our on-demand student resources, course help, and faculty mentors.

Course Help

Help Center

Visit our Help Center for on-demand student resources and tools for your StraighterLine experience, including: Course Orientation and Tutorials, eTextbooks, Proctoring, Submitting Support Requests, System Checks, How-To Guides, and Student Handbook.

Faculty Mentors

Unique to the StraighterLine-New England College (NEC) Program, dedicated Faculty Mentors are available to answer any questions you have about your course(s). Your mentors will help make sure you stay on track in your coursework and provide guidance for success. Your Faculty Mentors will reach out to you directly via email for each course that you are enrolled in.

When to contact a Faculty Mentor:

  • Help with a course topic or lesson
  • Grading questions
  • Questions related to assignments

Student Advisors

StraighterLine Student Advisors provide unlimited, free, personalized, on-demand technical and student support available via chat, phone, or support request.

When to contact a Student Advisor:

  • eTextbooks
  • Technical issues
  • Account questions
  • Transcripts

Program Policies

Course Completion Timelines & Grading

Course Completion Timeline

While courses are self-paced, students are expected to complete each course they are enrolled in within the 7-week term specified. Please pace yourself and allow sufficient time for the grading of written assignments (2-3 business days each) and the scheduling of proctored final exams (allow 72 hours, or you may be charged a convenience fee). Failure to complete (or withdraw from) a course within the time frame indicated may result in failure of the course, which may carry financial aid consequences.


Sometimes, students may find that an unexpected and sustained emergency (such as a serious illness or unanticipated need to provide care for a family member) prevents them from completing a course within the time allotted. In these circumstances, students should contact a Student Advisor for more information on how to receive an extension. Please note that requests for an extension must be supported by official documentation of the emergency. Requests for extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed to be granted.


StraighterLine graded assessments are based upon a percentage of 100%. A grade of at least 70% is required for credit recognition in the StraighterLine-New England College Program. For specific details on grading, please visit the Grades and Grade Point Average page on NEC’s website.

Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

Course Certification

In order to meet financial aid eligibility requirements, you must complete the first assignment in each course at StraighterLine within 2 days of your session start date.

This assignment is called “Discussion 1” and is located in the first topic of your course(s). No late submissions can be accepted, so you need to complete this assignment as soon as possible.

Financial Aid Completion Requirements

If a student officially withdraws during a term, a portion of any refund calculated under the College’s withdrawal policy will be returned to federal, state, and College programs. Details of this prorated policy are available from Student Financial Services. For complete information and application forms, contact Student Financial Services

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Student Financial Services Office monitors the progress of each student to determine if the students meets federal guidelines for receiving financial aid. Students must make both quantitative (pace) and qualitative (GPA) progress toward their program each year to receive financial aid. Students who do not maintain the minimum standards for grade point average and pace of progression may lose their eligibility for federal, state and/or institutional financial aid. Academic progress will be measured at the end of each student’s academic year, or at the midway point for programs under one year. All financial aid applicants are subject to the satisfactory academic standards whether or not they have received financial aid previously.

Please review New England College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more information.

For additional details on Financial Aid, visit the Financial Aid page on the NEC website.

Credit Transfer

Prior Course Credit

To transfer StraighterLine credits towards your associate degree in the program, Request a transcript. To transfer credits from another college or university, contact the Registrar at New England College.

Program Course Credit

Students looking to transfer credits or a degree earned through the StraighterLine-New England College Program into another program will be able to request a New England College transcript (with StraighterLine courses identified as transfer courses), a StraighterLine transcript, or both.


In most cases, students who do not pass a StraighterLine course may retake the course. The maximum number of retakes allowed will be determined by New England College. To retake a course, you can re-register through the NEC registration process.

Lab Kits

Students enrolled in, or planning to enroll in a lab course are responsible for purchasing a custom, physical lab science kit from eScience Labs as part of the program curriculum. Purchase of the lab is required and essential for successful course completion. Please allow for at 1-2 weeks shipping time.

Use the link and kit code to make a purchase at eScience Labs:


To Withdraw from a Course

Students enrolled in the StraighterLine-New England College Program may elect to drop a course from their program if they do so by the date specified for each term by NEC. Dropping a course is the responsibility of the student. StraighterLine cannot drop a course on a student’s behalf.

Please visit NEC’s Academic Policy Guidelines to learn more about dropping a course.

To Withdraw from the Program

Students enrolled in the StraighterLine-New England College Program may elect to withdraw from the program if they do so by the date specified each term by NEC. A withdrawal is the responsibility of the student--StraighterLine cannot process a withdrawal on the student’s behalf. Please contact contact the Registrar at New England College to learn more.

Questions? Please contact our Student Advisors at (877) 787-8375, Live Chat or create a Support Request. Student Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm, Saturday - Sunday, 9:30am - 5:00pm EST.