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Credit Transfer Eligibility

In order for your course to be eligible for transfer, it must meet the following conditions:
  • Your course must be marked as “Complete” in our systems. Even if you have completed all your required assignments, some courses require a grader to review the final assignments to mark the course as complete.
  • Your final grade must be greater than a 70%
  • There cannot be an academic hold on the course

If your school accepts credit for a StraighterLine course with a grade below our 70% required average, please contact a Student Advisor for assistance with your transcript. StraighterLine can manually process a transcript on your behalf if your school can provide documentation that it will accept a grade below a 70% for transfer. To initiate this process, please submit a Support Request and include the documentation provided by your school and a Student Advisor will follow-up to your inquiry.

Request a Transcript

To request a transcript for your eligible course(s):
  • Go to the Transcripts page in your MyLine Dashboard
  • Click “Request a new Transcript”
  • Follow the instructions in the form and click Submit

Once your request is submitted, please allow at least 24 hours for processing.

Transcript Status

You can check the status of a Transcript at any time from your Transcript Request History page in your MyLine Dashboard.

Transcript Fees and Processing Time

StraighterLine does not charge for transcripts. All transcripts are processed in the order they are received. Please allow at least 24 hours for processing.

Academic Holds

Students with unresolved Academic Honesty Policy (AHP) issues are ineligible for transcripts until all AHP holds are cleared and StraighterLine has deemed them to be in good standing. If you have an academic hold on a course, please contact a Student Advisor for more information.

Transferability of Credit

StraighterLine does not award academic credit itself. All credits awarded are transferable through your college or university. Students wishing to confirm transferability of course credit should contact the institution that will receive the transferred credit; they should confirm that the chosen institution will accept credit from the StraighterLine for the course(s) they intend to complete. StraighterLine, along with colleges and universities, cannot guarantee the transferability of credit between regionally accredited institutions.

American Council on Education (ACE)

The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended all of StraighterLine's courses. More than 2,000 colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability to their course and degree programs. Our students also report that they’ve connected with more than 400 colleges outside of our partner network that have recognized StraighterLine courses.

If you plan on transferring StraighterLine courses outside of our partner college network, follow the steps outlined in our ACE Credit Transfer Checklist. We strongly recommend that you understand the school’s credit-transfer process before purchasing a StraighterLine course to make sure you won’t have any problems.

Ready to transfer your StraighterLine courses? Learn how to Request an ACE Transcript.

CLEP, AP, and Other Standardized Tests for Credit

Many individuals have successfully earned college credit by taking a standardized test, which is accepted for credit at many regionally accredited universities. These tests usually require additional fees and are usually administered at a testing center. Although StraighterLine does not offer these tests, courses taken through StraighterLine will prepare students seeking a test-for-credit option. As with transferability, StraighterLine cannot guarantee individual scores or credit acceptance. For more information about these tests, please visit:

Legacy Courses

If you completed a StraighterLine course prior to 12/12/2012 and would like to request a transcript or need assistance in obtaining an ACE transcript, please contact a Student Advisor for assistance. To initiate this process, submit a Support Request and include your course name, the address of the recipient (or your ACE account number) and a Student Advisor will follow-up to your inquiry.

Questions? Please contact our Student Advisors at (877) 787-8375, Live Chat or create a Support Request. Student Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm, Saturday - Sunday, 9:30am - 5:00pm EST.