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Grading Scale

Grading varies by course but typically includes a mixture of exams, quizzes, and essays. It's also common for courses to include a series of ungraded assignments. Consult your course syllabus (located at the top of your course) for detailed information on the types of assessments and grading scale for your course.

StraighterLine provides a percentage score and letter grade for each course. A passing percentage is 70% or higher. Each college has policies with respect to grades for transferred coursework. You should check with the college you plan to attend to determine its specific grade-posting policies.

Your StraighterLine transcript will reflect the percentage score and corresponding grade as set forth below:
90-100 A
80-89 B
70*-79 C
60-69 D
Below 60 F

* All grades above a 69.5% are considered passing.

At the end of each course, students will receive the number of points earned. The grade you see in your course is calculated by dividing the total amount of points you have achieved by the total amount of points available in the course (typically 1,000).

Required Assignments

Students must complete all required exams and assignments in order for the course to be eligible for completion and credit transfer. Required exams and assignments are indicated in your course syllabus.

Course Completion Criteria

In order for your course to be considered complete, all required coursework must be attempted and submitted regardless of your overall score in the course. Required course work may consist of graded and ungraded assignments. You will receive a final score for the course after all of the assessments and required assignments have been completed. Any Academic Honesty Policy violations may prevent your course from being considered complete.

Transcript Eligibility

In order for your course to be eligible for transfer, the course must be complete per our completion criteria and must have a final grade of a 70% or above. A grade of at least 70% is required for credit recognition at most StraighterLine partner colleges or ACE CREDIT recommendation. ACE transcripts reflect P/F (Pass/Fail) only.

Grade Says “Contact an Advisor”

In the case where an issue is detected with any of your assignments in your course (i.e. incomplete assignment, name discrepancies), your course will be flagged for review. During this time period, we ask that you contact a Student Advisor for information about your course and your grade. If and when the flag is lifted from your course, your grade will be appropriately reflected in your MyLine Dashboard.

How to Calculate Your Grade

To calculate the grade in your course follow the instructions below:
  1. Consult your course syllabus for the weighted distribution of points across all assignments (typically 1,000 total points).
  2. Collect the grades you have received so far on your graded exams and/or assignments. Grades can be found on the back of your course card in your MyLine Dashboard.
  3. Take all of your scores and multiply them by the scale as a percentage of the total points listed in your syllabus and add up the results.

If you have assignments that are not yet graded, you can estimate your grade for these assignments to determine your final grade in the course.

I Failed My Course. What Are My Options?

In the event that you do not pass your course, or if you wish to receive a higher grade, you can retake the course.

Questions? Please contact our Student Advisors at (877) 787-8375, Live Chat or create a Support Request. Student Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm, Saturday - Sunday, 9:30am - 5:00pm EST.