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About eCourseLogic

eCourseLogic partner’s with online college and universities to provide an affordable college options for at-risk and non-traditional students. eCourseLogic created a world class learning ecosystem fostering social, educational, and cognitive support for learners.

After a decade in traditional K-12 and higher settings a lot of truths became clear to the founders of eCourseLogic:

  • Non-Profits and Charter Schools did great work preparing students for post-secondary success but often time’s students were still intimidated by the college systems.
  • Students from diverse backgrounds require specific support services often not found in traditional educational settings.
  • Technology divide plays a large role in the success of students at a two and four year universities.
  • Minorities and individuals with nontraditional educational and social representation are often not represented in the college systems.
  • At-risk students and non-traditional students introductory faculty does not have foundational experience developing student achievement and with diverse populations.
  • Literacy and cultural understanding plays a large role in student graduation rates.
  • Student centered classrooms are underrepresented in the college and university settings.

eCourseLogic was created in order overcome and decrease the barriers facing at-risk and non-traditional students in order to provide an meaningful, accelerated, and cost-effective education experience.

eCourseLogic seeks to develop multiple avenues for students who are underserved in traditional settings. The future signifies growth, stability, and expansion for students, services, and learning outcomes.

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