Do You Have What It Takes for a Career in Information Technology (IT)?

By Beth Dumbauld

  • Are you known around the office or among friends and family as the “computer whisperer?”
  • When others are ready to toss their laptops out a window, are attempting to stare down their frozen computer screens, or are cursing at yet another server error message, are you strangely calm, serene, and intrigued – prepared to do battle with the offending code or system protocol?
  • Is your idea of world peace a utopia where man and woman, computer and device, and business and customer all speak the same language and understand each other perfectly?
  • Do you get a thrill out of squashing bugs and executing on well thought-out project plans?

If so, earning a degree in an information technology related field will allow you to keep the information highway running smoothly – and go far in preserving your computer guru reputation.

Whether you start your IT career with an Associate or Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Science or Business, you will never be bored. Furthermore, your job prospects are excellent today and in the future with STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) expected to grow at 17% by 2018, nearly double the rate of non-STEM occupations.1

What Do You Do with a Degree in Information Technology (IT)?

If you think all you do with a degree in information technology (IT) is play with computers, think again. A career in information technology allows you to use all of your skills, and develop new ones as well.

With a career in IT, you’ll spend time planning, coordinating, determining, and directing all the computer-related activities in an organization. If your passion is writing computer code, you can specialize in computer programming and spend your days making a software design a reality. If your sweet spot is where business meets technology, you’ll find you can thrive as a computer systems analyst. In fact, no matter where your interests and talents intersect, there is a place for you in IT.

Those who enter the information technology field often do so because they are attracted to creating points of connectivity and solving problems, and are attracted to seeing tangible results of their efforts. In addition, a career in IT is attractive because it offers continued job opportunities and higher wages than non-STEM careers.2 If you are looking for a career that will provide challenge on a daily basis, strong salary potential, and opportunity for job growth, you don’t have to look any further than a career in information technology.

How Do You Know If a Career in Information Technology (IT) Is Right for You?

Planning on earning an Associate Degree in Information Systems or Computer Science? Or are you looking to earn a Bachelor’s in Information Systems or Computer Science through an online college? How about working towards a Master’s or even a Doctorate in an IT-related field? No matter where you plan on starting or ultimately, ending your journey in higher education, there’s no doubt that taking IT college courses online or on-campus and earning a degree in an information technology-related field is a good career move.

1 Schiavelli, Mel, US News and World Report, STEM Jobs Outlook Strong, but Collaboration Needed to Fill Jobs, 11/2011, p.1.

2 Economics & Statistics Administration, STEM: Good Jobs Now and For the Future, 7/2011, p.3

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