Could You Earn Your College Degree in One Year? Part Two

The Truth about Degree-By-Examination Programs and Taking Online College Courses for Credit: Part Two

By Beth Dumbauld

In our previous report, “Could You Earn Your College Degree in One Year? Part One ,” you learned that you can flexibly and cost-effectively earn college credit before enrolling in college. You learned that although there are no legitimate “degree-by-exam” providers, Credit-by-Exam (CBE) and online college course providers are the real deal. You also learned that transferring college credit earned through either CBE or through an online college course provider carries the same credit hour value as if you had taken a course at that accredited college, but at a much reduced cost. Finally, you learned that earning college credit before enrolling in college can accelerate the process of earning a degree...significantly.

Through credit-by-exam and online college course providers, you can easily take a semester or two off of college. With a little more focus and commitment, you could definitely take three or four semesters off. And mathematically speaking, it is technically possible to graduate with your college degree in one year. Let’s explore this college acceleration concept more in detail.

Where To Start: Online College Course and Credit-by-Exam Providers

Here’s a summary of the most common online college course and credit-by-examination providers:

Online College Course Providers

  1. StraighterLine1 (Multiple Partner Colleges and ACE CREDIT): $99/month subscription plus one-time $49 per course fee. You can take unlimited courses per month using this subscription plan. Alternatively, you can take advantage of their $999 Freshman Year of College program, and take any 10 online college classes over the course of a year for $999.
  2. TestDriveCollege.com2 (ACE CREDIT): Offers reduced tuition to Alliance Partner Colleges.
  3. Propero.org3 (ACE CREDIT): $299 per course.

Credit-By-Exam Providers

  • CLEP4: Cost is $80 for each CLEP exam
  • DSST5: Cost is $80 for each DSST exam
  • UExcel6: Cost is $95 for each UExcel test
  • AP7: Cost is $87 for each AP exam. Cost outside U.S. is $117 per exam.

Each credit-by-exam program has its own set of testing and retesting standards.

As we mentioned previously in “Could You Earn Your College Degree in One Year? Part One” (and it’s worth repeating here): there is no single exam through which, upon successful completion, you can instantly be conferred a college degree. Such an exam simply does not exist. Any institution implying it offers such an exam is scamming you. Do not give degree mills conferring bogus degrees your hard earned cash.








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