Could You Earn Your College Degree in One Year? Part One: Page 3

Think about how powerful that last statement could be if you are looking to speed up the amount of time it takes for you to earn your college degree: You can take college classes through an online college course provider or earn college credits through credit-by-exam programs and transfer those college credits to an accepting college of your choice.

The Result: How fast you earn those college credits, how much you end up paying per credit through an online college course provider, and how many credits you earn through exams, is completely controlled by you. At 3- to 4- credit hours per course or exam, you could realistically earn double-digit credit hours in a month. Over the course of a few months, you could easily earn enough credits to completely bypass your first year of college. How nice would it be to be that much closer to your degree by earning credits before you even enroll in college?

If you were looking for a magical exam, or a magical degree-granting college that makes a college degree somehow appear where previously there wasn’t one – sorry to disappoint. Sometimes, however, reality is far better than fiction. Afterall, it’s important that a college degree means something; that employers can be confident in a standard of competence and ability. Would you really want someone taking care of your loved one in a hospital who earned their nursing degree through Harry Potter U.? A lightning bolt tattoo may look great on you grandmother’s forehead, but it will do little to improve overall patient comfort and care.

Credit-By-Exam and online college course providers, however, are the real deal. They act as legitimate, cost-effective ways to accelerate your path towards graduation. If you are serious about saving money (and who isn’t?) as you earn your degree, require a flexible class schedule, and would like to break free from the chains of a cost-prohibitive college system – you should give serious consideration to credit-by-exam and online college course providers.

There is a revolution in on education going online. We all deserve to be informed and armed with the knowledge that can make college an affordable option for anybody who would like to go back to college and earn their degree. Online college course and credit-by-exam providers play a big part in fueling this revolution. Get educated about online education. Why wait for lightning to strike when the opportunity to earn your college degree is already beating down your door?

In our next StraighterLine Report, “Could You Earn Your College Degree in One Year? The Truth about Degree-By-Examination Programs and Taking Online College Courses for Credit: Part Two,” we will explore the common online college course and credit-by-examination providers in-depth. We’ll then help you choose which option is better when, and finally, give you the low down on the reality of earning your college degree in a year.

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