Save $15,000 Towards
Your Degree From The Top
Career-Focused Universities.

StraighterLine and Xerox have partnered to provide
you with high-quality online college courses that
are guaranteed to fit into your degree program.

With StraighterLine you earn your college degree from
the top career-focused universities. Together we will help
you get your degree, advance your career, and secure your
future – in less time, with less stress and with $15,000
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Xerox & StraighterLine: How It Works

  1. Select Your School & Your Degree
    Our partnerships with the leading career-focused
    colleges and universities guarantees easy credit
    transfer for your StraighterLine courses.

    Your StraighterLine Advisor will help you select
    the right courses for your degree.
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  2. Complete Your Courses With StraighterLine
    The more courses you complete with us the more
    you save on your degree.

    A StraighterLine Advisor can help you identify
    which courses will fit into your desired degree
    program and show you how much you can save.
  3. Complete Your Degree At
    One Of Our Partner Colleges

    After you complete your courses at StraighterLine,
    you can enroll at one of our 50+ Partner Colleges
    to finish your third and fourth year courses
    to complete your degree.

    In the end, you get the same degree in less time,
    with less stress and for up to $15,000 less.
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