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This course provides students with a CompTIA certification path designed to help them prepare for and pass the CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 Exam in order to become CompTIA Project+ certified. The course assignments, including readings, videos, worksheets, and exams, align to CompTIA Project+ certification competencies, including those related to project basics, project constraints, communication, change management, project tools and documentation.

NOTE: CompTIA certification exam or exam voucher is not included in the course and must be completed at a Pearson|Vue Test Center.”

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the Properties of a Project
  • Classify Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • Compare and Contrast Standard Project Phases
  • Identify the Basics of Project Cost Control
  • Identify Common Project Team Organizational Structures
  • Given a Scenario, Execute and Develop Project Schedules
  • Identify the Basic Aspects of the Agile Methodology
  • Explain the Importance of Human Resource, Physical Resource, and Personnel Management
  • Given a Scenario, Predict the Impact of Various Constraint Variables and Influences Throughout the Project
  • Explain the Importance of Risk Strategies and Activities
  • Given a Scenario, Use the Appropriate Communication Method
  • Compare and Contrast Factors Influencing Communication Methods
  • Explain Common Communication Triggers and Determine the Target Audience and Rationale
  • Given a Scenario, Use the Following Change Control Process Within the Context of a Project
  • Recognize Types of Organizational Change
  • Compare and Contrast Various Project Management Tools
  • Given a Scenario, Analyze Project-Centric Documentation
  • Identify Common Partner- or Vendor-Centric Documents and Their Purpose



Topic Title




Initiating the Project

  • Project Management Life Cycle
  • Project Information & Requirements
  • Completion Date
  • Project Charter
  • Defining the Project Management Life Cycle
  • Gathering Project Information
  • Defining the Project Requirements
  • Establishing the Completion Date
  • Creating the Project Charter


Planning the Project

  • Plans
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Priority
  • Approach & Strategy
  • Agile
  • How to Plan
  • Creating a Feasibility Study
  • Establishing Project Priority
  • Creating an Approach
  • Creating a Strategy
  • Managing with an Agile Approach


Working with Management

  • Management Approval
  • Management’s Role
  • Project Kickoff
  • Alliance
  • Obtaining Management Approval
  • Defining Management’s Role
  • Inventing a Project Kickoff
  • Creating Management Alliances


Managing the Project Scope

  • Project Scope
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Communication 
  • Creating a Project Scope
  • Defining a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Establishing Communication Channels


Creating the Budget

  • Budget
  • Bottom-Up Cost Estimates
  • Top-Down Cost Estimates
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Creating a Budget
  • Using Bottom-Up Cost Estimates
  • Using Top-Down Cost Estimates
  • Budget at Completion
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Determining Project Expenses
  • Tracking Expenses


Building the Project Plan

  • Project Management Plan
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Network Diagram
  • Project Costs
  • Staffing Management Plan
  • Project Quality
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Risks
  • Procurement Management Plan
  • Creating the Project Management Plan
  • Building the Project Schedule
  • Designing a Project Network Diagram
  • Planning for Project Costs
  • Writing the Staffing Management Plan
  • Assuring and Controlling Project Quality
  • Communicating with Project Stakeholders
  • Analyzing Project Risks
  • Implementing the Procurement Management Plan


Organizing a Project Team

  • Internal Skills
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Scheduler
  • Managing & Hiring the Team
  • Assessing Internal Skills
  • Serving as a Project Coordinator
  • Working with a Project Scheduler
  • Managing Team Issues
  • Hiring a Team


Managing Teams

  • Mechanics of Project Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Team Commitment
  • Leading the Team
  • Mechanics of Project Management
  • Maintaining Team Leadership
  • Making Decisions as a Team
  • Team Commitment to the Project


Implementing the Project Plan

  • Assignments
  • Meetings
  • Progress & Financial Obligations
  • Actual Project Costs
  • Value of Work Performed
  • Cost Performance Index
  • Reviewing Assignments with the Project Team
  • Leading Team Meetings
  • Tracking Progress
  • Tracking Financial Obligations
  • Determining Actual Project Costs
  • Calculating Value of Work Performed
  • Determining the Cost Performance Index


Revising the Project Plan

  • Revision
  • Change Control
  • Changes to Project Plan
  • Defining the Need for Revision
  • Implementing Change Control
  • Implementing Changes to the Project Plan
  • Delaying a Project
  • Rebuilding Management Support


Enforcing Quality

  • Quality Management
  • Progress Reports
  • Defining Quality
  • Viewing Quality Management as a Process
  • Committing to Phases of Project Management
  • Implementing Continuous Quality Management
  • Implementing Progress Reports
  • Strategizing Quality
  • Ensuring Quality Through Phases


Completing the Project

  • Project Post Mortem
  • Deliverables
  • Evaluations
  • Final Sign-Off
  • Completing the Project
  • Conducting the Project Post Mortem
  • Assessing the Project Deliverables
  • Documenting the Project
  • Evaluating the Team’s Performance
  • Obtaining Final Sign-Off
  • Declaring Victory or Failure


Course Final Exam

  • Final Exam

There are no prerequisites to take CompTIA Project+ Certification Training.

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Project Management with CompTIA Project+: On Track from Start to Finish, Fourth Edition by Joseph Phillips covers important course concepts, exam objectives, and tips and tricks for preparing for the CompTIA Project+ certification exam.

NOTE: CompTIA certification exam or exam voucher is not included in the course and must be completed at a Pearson|VueTest Center.

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There are a total of 1000 points in the course:

Topic Assessment Points Available


Graded Exam 1



Graded Exam 2



Graded Midterm Exam



Graded Exam 3



Graded Exam 4



Graded Final Exam





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