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Course Name at University of Maryland Global Campus Course Name at StraighterLine Credits Transferred
Introduction to Business and Management - BMGT 110Introduction to Business - BUS1013
Introduction to Sociology - SOCY 100Introduction to Sociology - SOC1013
American Government - GVPT 170American Government - POLS1013
Biology LabMicrobiology Lab - BIO250L1
Business Ethics and Society - BMGT 496Notes: Lower Level CreditBusiness Ethics - BUS1063
Business Law - BMGT 380Notes: Lower levelBusiness Law - BUS1103
Calculus I  - MATH 140General Calculus I - MAT2504
Calculus II  - MATH 141General Calculus II - MAT2514
Chemistry LectureNotes: Lower LevelGeneral Chemistry I - CHEM1013
Chemistry Lecture
– AND –
Chemistry Lab
General Chemistry I - CHEM101
– AND –
General Chemistry I Lab - CHEM101L
College Algebra  - MATH 107Notes: Meets the general education requirement for all majors requiring MATH 106 or MATH 107.College Algebra - MAT1013
College Algebra - MATH 107 WaiveNotes: This is the same course as the other College Algebra listed, but with supplemental materials and a dedicated professor to assist you. College Algebra with Professor Direct - MAT101 PD3
Computer Information Technology ElectiveNotes: Lower LevelIT Fundamentals - IT 1013
Concepts of Biology - BIOL 101
– AND –
Laboratory in Biology - BIOL 102
Introduction to Biology - BIO101
– AND –
Introduction to Biology Lab - BIO101L
Concepts of Biology - BIOL 101Introduction to Biology - BIO1013
Cost Accounting  - ACCT 321Managerial Accounting - ACC1503
Cultural Anthropology - ANTH 102Cultural Anthropology - ANTH1013
Elective credit onlyNotes: Lower Level Subject Specific Course–No Direct EquivalentMedical Terminology - MEDTERM1013
Elective credit onlyNotes: Lower Level Subject Specific Course–No Direct EquivalentStudent Success - SUCCESS1013
Elective credit onlyPharmacology - PHARM1033
Elements of Nutrition - NUTR 100Introduction to Nutrition - NUTRI1013
Fundamentals of Building Wealth - FINC 321Notes: Lower levelPersonal Finance - FIN1013
General Physics I - PHYS 111General Physics I - PHY2503
General Physics I - PHYS 111
– AND –
Physics Lab
General Physics I - PHY250
– AND –
General Physics I Lab - PHY250L
History ElectiveNotes: Lower Level Survey of World History - CIV 1033
History of the United States Since 1865 - HIST 157United States History II - USHIST1023
History of the United States to 1865 - HIST 156United States History I - USHIST1013
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Lecture Only) - BIOL 201 (No Lab)Notes: LectureAnatomy & Physiology I - BIO2013
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Lecture Only) - BIOL 201 (No Lab)
– AND –
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Lab Only) - BIOL 201
Anatomy & Physiology I - BIO201
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab - BIO201L
Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Lecture Only) - BIOL 202 (No Lab)Notes: LectureAnatomy & Physiology II - BIO2023
Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Lecture Only) - BIOL 202 (No Lab)
– AND –
Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Lab Only) - BIOL 202
Anatomy & Physiology II - BIO202
– AND –
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab - BIO202L
Humanities Elective - HUMN ElectiveIntroduction to Religion - REL1013
Intro to Academic Writing I - WRTG 111Notes: Lower LevelEnglish Composition I - ENG1013
Intro to Academic Writing II  - WRTG 112English Composition II - ENG1023
Intro to Environmental Science - BIOL 211Introduction to Environmental Science - ENV1013
Introduction to Criminal Justice - CCJS 100Introduction to Criminal Justice - CJ1013
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication - SPCH 125Notes: Lower LevelIntroduction to Communication - COM1013
Introduction to Philosophy - PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy - PHIL1013
Introduction to Professional Writing - WRTG 293Notes: Lower LevelBusiness Communication - BUS1053
Introduction to Psychology - PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology - PSY1013
Introduction to Statistics - STAT 200Business Statistics - MAT1503
Microbiology (Lecture Only) - BIOL 230Microbiology - BIO2503
Organizational Behavior - BMGT 464Notes: Lower levelOrganizational Behavior - BUS1203
Pre-Calculus  - MATH 115Precalculus - MAT2013
Principles of Accounting I  - ACCT 220Accounting I - ACC1013
Principles of Accounting II - ACCT 221Accounting II - ACC1023
Principles of Macroeconomics - ECON 201Macroeconomics - ECON1013
Principles of Management - BMGT 364Notes: Lower levelPrinciples of Management - BUS2013
Principles of Microeconomics - ECON 203Microeconomics - ECON1023
Spanish I - SPAN 111Spanish I - SPAN1013
Spanish II - SPAN 112Spanish II - SPAN1023
Western Civilization I  - HIST 141Western Civilization I - CIV1013
Western Civilization II  - HIST 142Western Civilization II - CIV1023

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