Transferring College Credit

  • Concordia University Irvine Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Save time and money on your college degree with StraighterLine’s partnership with Concordia University Irvine  If you’re eager to earn a degree from a top American university that’s rooted in Christian values, consider Concordia University Irvine (CUI), one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges. What StraighterLine’s Partner College Program Means for You When you complete college credits at StraighterLine, you can easily transfer them to CUI and apply them toward the college degree that you will earn there. You’ll find the program of study you are looking for at CUI, which offers a choice of 20 undergraduate majors and 50 specializations, nine graduate programs, four adult bachelor’s degree completion programs, ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Latoya S. Deon Saves $2,550 on One StraighterLine Course and Graduates on Time

    Barry Lenson

    Latoya Deon lives in California with her husband Marvin and three-year-old son M.J. She works for the California Justice Department, where she updates criminal background checks. Latoya’s story is even more interesting. Here’s how StraighterLine helped her graduate from college on time on August 9th. Latoya’s StraighterLine Story Begins Just a few months ago, Latoya was doing her best to complete work for her Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Francisco. But she needed to complete one more elective – an introduction to philosophy course - before she could graduate. “I was searching and searching,” she says. “My advisor sent me a list of options that I could use. I went home with that list and I went throu ...

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  • Student of the Month: Diana Stone Uses StraighterLine Courses to Graduate on Time

    Barry Lenson

    After working in the banking and brokerage business for more than 21 years, Diana Stone decided it was time to make a change. “I’m someone who has always wanted to help people fulfill their full potential,” Diana told us during a recent chat. “So I decided to earn a degree in business and start a new career in HR. I enrolled in Strayer University, where I’ll graduate this year. Then I’ll start working toward my Master’s in Human Resources with a concentration in management.” Using StraighterLine Courses to Stay on Schedule Like many college students, Diana hit a speed bump or two that threatened ability to graduate on time. “I was absolutely determined to graduate in 2013,” she explains. “I looked to exams as a ...

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  • MOOCs for Credit? Not Quite Yet

    Barry Lenson

    "MOOCs are certainly welcome to the online education landscape. But they have their limitations. For most students, and especially for adult learners, there is a lot of need for that interaction with faculty and engagement with other students." -          Frank Mulgrew, president of Post University’s Online Education Institute, quoted in “MOOCs Expand on College Campuses,” by Devon Haynie, US News, June 21, 2013 If you read the article that we cite above, you’ll learn some interesting news about MOOCs.  You’ll discover that a handful of universities are now offering MOOC-style classes to their current and future students.  “By combining in-person instruction with online learning,” Haynie writes, “they hope ...

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  • The Hard and Easy Ways to Transfer Credits

    Barry Lenson

    Transferring credits from your old college to your new one ought to be pretty easy, right? You supply a transcript, your new school looks at it and awards you credit.  Right. But hold on . . . The Hard Way But as often happens in colleges, things get overcomplicated. Let’s look at the following explanation of how to transfer credits that I just yanked from one college’s website. (I changed the name of the college because I didn’t want to let the whole world know just how ridiculous it really is.) But here goes . . . Students who enter The University of Antarctica with 13 or more credits (52 semester credits total) accepted in transfer are considered Advanced Transfer Students. The Core Curriculum will be adjusted for adv ...

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