Transferring College Credit

  • How to Make Sure Your Online Credits Will Be Accepted at Your Regular College

    Barry Lenson

    How to Make Sure Your Online Credits Will Be Accepted at Your Regular College If you’re taking college courses online, can you be sure that the credits you earn will be accepted if you continue your studies in a regular institution? Getting all your credits transferred can be tricky, especially if you are trying to move them to a college that has not had much experience with online learning. But it can be done, if you follow this advice . . . Check out the advice and information at StraighterLine’s Credit Transfer Center. There’s plenty of information to help ease the credit-transfer process. Select the right online school. Some have had their courses approved by governing bodies like the American Council on Education Cr ...

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  • Getting Credit for College Courses: Highlights from the StraighterLine Blog

    Barry Lenson

    Getting Credit for College Courses Worried about whether you college credits will transfer? Worry no more! Here’s some great advice from the StraighterLine blog . . . Don’t Get Stiffed on Credit Transfers (November 09, 2010) Although transferring credits can be tricky, StraighterLine is taking the fear out of higher education by helping to assure that you get credit when credit is due. [Read more] Only Accredited Colleges Offer Courses for Credit?  (December 02, 2010) All of StraighterLine’s courses can earn college credit, because they are ACE-recommended, meaning that students can transfer the credits earned in them to hundreds of American colleges. In addition, StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges (which accept all Str ...

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  • Don’t Get Stiffed on Credit Transfers

    Barry Lenson

    When colleges don’t accept transfer credits, students get hurt. Here’s a case study from World Law Direct, an organization that gives online advice to people with legal problems . . . Can I Sue My College? - I am going into my sophomore year at a private college. At the end of July, the administration sent an email saying they are dropping 5 majors, 1 of which I was majoring in, accounting. Those 5 majors will cease to exist at my school next academic year. They said you could either transfer or switch majors. I am trying to transfer to a public 4 year university after this semester. I'm currently talking to an adviser at the new school to see how my credits transfer. I believe I acquired $7,500 in debt . . . The new adviser [at t ...

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  • Transferring from One College to Another? Look at Credits Before You Leap

    Jaime Dalbke

    A student we know named Sophie got some good news last April. Her transfer application was approved! As she was hoping, she could leave her quiet little all-women’s college and transfer to a big university that offered football, excitement – and boys. Then the following week, a fat envelope arrived. It contained instructions on procedures she needed to follow before her new university would accept the credits that she had earned at her old school. And the procedures were not simple! Sophie had to submit copies official syllabi for the courses she had taken. (Many of those were no longer live on her college’s Website, so she had to ask professors for them.) She had to provide copies of papers and exams that included her old professors ...

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